Captain America: Civil War – Trailer World Premiere


This is the world exclusive debut trailer for Marvel Captain America : civil war . Sign up to get the latest #KIMMEL : Watch …


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  1. Jeff Clone says:

    Where's Ant-Man you ask?
    He was in the trailer.

    Where's Spider-Man you ask?
    He was figuring out his powers whilst trying to make things right with Mary Jane and whatnot.

    Where's Crossbones you ask?
    Coming back to life as we speak.

    Where's Thanos you ask?
    Sitting on his space chair.

  2. Where Spider-man ?

  3. Edix Yeah says:

    someone see the captain like the bad and tony as the good at the end

  4. the ending made me jiz

  5. Josue Richy says:

    and spiderman and antman ???

  6. gigawingbolt says:

    Haha, they had to nerf Iron Man's powers, didn't they? There's no way he gets raped like he was during the last shot of the trailer.

  7. I quite possibly died internally

  8. Jay Kelley says:

    Views are a little low. In comparison to how BvS and Suicide Squad did their first few days.

  9. Jeepers. Tony's face. "So was I."


  10. This movie is going to kick ass. I can smell it.

  11. 2 contra 1 não vale

  12. What do we do ? Let me explain the whole history hes brain washd and he dint know what he was doing hes alrigth now i can prove it , lol

  13. Captain dies…..OMG…

  14. The Gombie says:

    Civil war? more like a civil brawl.

  15. PatyPizza says:

    It looks like the best marvel movie ever and this is the first trailer I'm on caps side but I really like black panther and all this other superheroes it's mind blowing

  16. Paul Allen says:

    "so was i"
    right in the feels

  17. thats black pabther not batman lol

  18. Nice trailer
    Can't wait for the movie :D

  19. When there is 3 people but 1 pizza roll 2:10

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