Casey & Caylee Anthony:The untold story


Casey & Caylee Anthony:The untold story Casey Anthony is best known for her connection to the mysterious disappearance of her daughter, Caylee Anthony.


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  1. fuck you Casey Anthony!!! you pos! you did it! you will be judged!

  2. there all a family of liars… big time…how you let your child go missing for 30 days? smh

  3. WHY would the Ex boyfriend take CASEY BACK
    When knowing CASEY
    GOT PREGNANT from another guy????

    CASEY was UNFIT to be mother.
    CASEY'S story is SHIT……

    of murdering CAYLEE…..

  4. Kim Jong-il says:

    would you bang Casey Anthony?

  5. All this and she got off? What on earth happened? She should be in prison.

  6. Mariana Ruiz says:

    Poor little girl RIP

  7. snowyDec0713 says:

    Just be a good looking white woman in this country, and it will make a jury too uncomfortable to convict them!!! And, yes, the parents were very stupid, and I think that they know that now.

  8. I'm calling bullshit on Cindy. I don't believe anything she's saying about her and Casey's relationship

  9. I know she did it. she did not love this child. she only loves herself.

  10. Julie Bailey says:

    How has nobody anyway that bitches ass?

  11. Julie Bailey says:

    Wow, talk about making excuses for your kid

  12. No need to watch
    Casey is a unstable whore that dick was more important than her child. May you burn in hell devil egg donor(since you can't call this whore a real mother)

  13. Sounds like munchausen's by proxy. Maybe an accidental overdose? Maybe she just smacked her too hard and accidentally killed her? Then hid her body in the trunk, later burying her?

  14. It's wild how people say she hated her kid or she loved her. It sounds like… most realistically, she loved her kid, maybe in a pure honest way, but another part of her loved her for the attention she brought to her and the affection she gave to her, but also resented that children are beloved more than adults. People and relationships are complicated, which, I'd think is obvious. Your parent might drive you nuts but you'd still punch someone trying to mistreat them in the throat. Even her name so close to her own support this sort of idea, that her daughter was an extension of herself, more loved than the original, which she had issue with. Probably because her mother seems pretty emotionally immature.

  15. Nick Michaux says:

    this lady killed her kid so she could be free to party.

  16. NoviceLocs14 says:

    Soooo…. your child ✌drowns✌in the family pool and instead of calling 911, you tape her mouth shut with duct tape and dump her in the woods like a piece of trash. What an evil woman…

  17. Karmin Marie says:

    Such a fucking joke

  18. Karmin Marie says:

    Freaking crazy ass people

  19. Shara Rivers says:

    I think grandma had something to do with it.

  20. I don't know what we didn't see/ hear in court, or behind closed doors, but I don't know how nobody figured out that ZANNY the nanny was code for XANAX. She accidentally overdosed her daughter and freaked out… lied and lied and lied…
    P.S. VOTE FOR ME FOR PRESIDENT, 2032. Peace.

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