CDC Says New Swine Flu Strain in U.S


A new Swine Flu strain is spreading from Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia as 12 people have been diagnosed with H3N2v, which has shown some potential for human-to-human transmission.


From the CDC, Centers for Disease Control, the sample size of H3N2 infections is too small to know whether it will pose a threat to the population at large.

The new strain of swine flu is not covered by this season’s vaccine.


There is no information yet regarding transmission or mortality rate. Just thought you would like to know…

In today’s world of rapid travel and high population centers, transmissible diseases can spread very rapidly. So, it is best to be prepared ahead of time for such things.

How can you prepare for any pandemic, be it mild or severe?

If you get clobbered with the virus, you will most likely be on your back and unable to go to the store to purchase anything at all. So, be sure that you have enough ‘easy’ food to make (although people sick with a virus will often not desire to eat). Soup’s are good in that they will help replenish dehydration.

Re-hydration (low electrolyte) drinks like Gatorade and other sports drinks are a good prep item.

Medicines and fever reducers will help alleviate some pain.

The point is, think about these things now, before you may need them. If by some chance this new strain goes pandemic, you will be glad that you prepared. In the event that the pandemic comes with a high mortality rate, then a whole new level of preparing and planning is required – the ability to be mostly self sustained for a period of time until the pandemic sweeps over – which could be 90 days, or even longer.


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