Celebrity Transformations


Age will not believe some of the transformations . Watch videos more impressive in BuzzFeedVideo ! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo MUSIC Cyber ​​Bunnies …


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  1. Justin Bieber is just awesome..???

  2. dor yaakov says:

    justin bieber puberty omg

  3. momochi says:

    2002s katty perry is kind of cute

  4. Enrique iglesias? ?

  5. katy perry's eyes tho

  6. Chloe Lewis says:

    eminem HAS NOT CHANGED in ten years

  7. Ariana Grande looked WAY prettier in 2008. And she was actually wearing clothes.

  8. fuckoff5311 says:

    ariana grande looked so much better back then. the curly hair looks good on her, the tan doesnt suit her

  9. Donnamouz says:

    THANK YOU – for not puting kylie jenner on this list!
    cuz her case has nothing to do with AGING..

  10. Gerard Way should of been in the stars that haven't changed

  11. damn harry styles got uglier

  12. what about emma watson?

  13. DOGE says:

    Woody allen looks the same.

  14. Golden Path says:

    I saw Harry and just got star dazzled ????

  15. shira yuki says:

    Nick Jonas. FIRE

  16. Chloe Law says:

    harry and rihanna had the best glo up

  17. It's them or fame that changed them…We'll never know…

  18. RapiDSpacE13 says:

    Katy Perry looks better in 2002 IMO.

  19. Alice Hsu says:

    You should of added Demi Lovato!

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