Celebs Face-Swap With Leo At The Oscars


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20 Responses

  1. Nerd_Charmed says:

    Disappointed that Leo wasn't face swapped with Leo

  2. who wants to give me an underarm hickey

  3. Ivy He says:

    No one that I actually know except for the guy played j Jonah Jameson in Spiderman…

  4. I wanna see Leo face swap with his own face!

  5. I thought it was Cara in the thumbnail omfg

  6. Sansa Stark! hahaha love her.

  7. likeaboss516 says:

    Crack me up so hard.

  8. Has anyone seen the vid of him waiting for his Oscar to be engraved and asked the person who does it, "Do you always do this? I wouldn't know". Lmao! That was pretty witty.

  9. First guy looked like he got bashed in the forehead with a baseball bat

  10. Bands R Cool says:

    Sophie Turner ?

  11. Kristin P. says:

    Face Swap Live is so much better.

  12. next time try swapping leo withe leo


  14. no one would look as good as leo with his face

  15. ImJuanka says:

    LOL Patricia Arquette made herself sound very uneducated.

  16. of course you lib-progs would zoom out on Patricia Arquette on her bullshyte spiel on "women's equal rights". But hey, anything for the lib-prog narrative.

    We've CLEARLY gone from Women's Right to Vote to having a Dem front runner as a woman (or a Republican candidate for President) or Oprah being a gazillionaire. And women are considered "equal"??? LAUGHABLE.

  17. Jules Darko says:

    That J.K. Simmons one was my favorite. Also, I'm glad Leo finally won. It only took forever, but it happened and that is wonderful.

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