Celente Warns of 2012: Economy Will Crash, Banks Will Close, Chaos Will Ensue, Military Will Take Over


If you’ve followed trend forecaster Gerald Celente for any period of time you’ve probably realized he knows what he’s talking about. For the better part of two decades Celente and his Trends Journal have been forecasting political, financial, economic and social trends with an uncanny ability for accuracy.

In his latest interview Celente discusses a variety of different topics – from Iran and Europe to domestic militarization and the economy – and warns that our worst fears will soon be realized.

Bottom line? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet:

Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense Radio:

This passed (National Defense Authorization Act) the Senate by 93-7. I’m mentioning this because all the pieces are in place now.

The economy is going to crash. There is going to be chaos. Economic martial law will be called. Banks will close. And, chaos will ensure.

The law is now in place for the military to come in and take over. Fascism has come to America.

And if anyone thinks that I’m over blowing this, you may recall, for those of you who have been listening to Jeff Rense for the years that I’ve been on, that when Obama got elected I said there was a high probability, in 2009, of a bank holiday because of the disastrous economic conditions.

I came across a video that’s on Youtube… June of 2009… Corzine is running for re-election for Governor of New Jersey… and there’s Joe Biden… he’s campaigning for Corzine… He’s telling the audience, you know, ‘the day that we were sworn into office, the top of our agenda, the top of our list, was whether or not to call a bank holiday.’

…The point that I want to make is, and I want to drive this home, it should be headline news – the Obama administration was prepared to call a bank holiday in 2009. Economic conditions are much worse now.


In an interview with Lew Rockwell on November 30, Celente provided a timeline for events, suggesting that things may start heating up as soon as the first quarter of 2012.

“And my belief, and this is going to be a Top Trend of 2012, is that, in the new year, they are going to bring down the gavel on the system. They are going to pump it up to soak every last penny from the suckers to spend money on Christmas stuff they dont need.  And after that, after the Christmas holiday’s over, then were going to get the bank holiday… some form, whether its that or not, some form of economic martial law.”

In November of 2008 Gerald Celente warned that by Christmas of 2012, “putting food on the table is going to be more important than putting gifts under the Christmas tree.” Given what has transpired since then we can no longer ignore the possibility of this forecast coming to fruition. And considering that during the same time period Celente also forecast the rise of a third party in America, global riots, squatter rebellions, tax protests, and a continuing breakdown in the economy, we recommend taking this latest forecast seriously.

If our economy buckles, and we strongly believe it is only a matter of time, then you can fully expect that banks will close and chaos will ensue on the streets of America. Given recent legislation and the training exercises involving thousands of US military troops to be used to quell civil unrest, we can only gather that Celente is, yet again, right on target.


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    It has not been long since the trouble began in the Middle East Region where different governments have been toppled and replaced by new so called transitory governments whose purpose is only to serve the Western Interests as done in past by the previous governments installed by the same Western think tanks but when the purpose was fulfilled then the puppets were removed either by force or by will. No one is able to explain that what is the purpose of these new governments and now what is the purpose behind such actions? This is a very complex problem which has connections to different scenario in the Middle East that would be discussed.
    Recently US President Barack Obama has announced the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq simultaneously. In addition to that a very immediate response from Israel has also been on media where they have stated for an imminent strike on Islamic Republic of Iran, for which according to an international news agency they have planned to announce their future strategy in coming days. It must be reminded that International community particularly US and Israel have put allegations on Iran for the preparation and enrichment of its nuclear arsenal that could be used against the interests of US and Israel. It is important to mention that many analysts and even IAEA itself has stated that Iran is still not in a position to develop a nuclear weapon that could be a threat. If such is the case then why all this transition in the Middle East is in process? To explain this aspect it is important to initially examine the geographic and geo strategic importance of Middle East. When we discuss Middle East then the first error that we make is the countries embedded in this circle. Most of the times we only include the Arab states and ignore the regions of Iran and Pakistan. Geographically Iran and Pakistan both are a part of Middle East and the same has been at various times and locations stated by both US and Israeli Military Analysts. The reason not to formally describe these both states as Middle Eastern countries is the difference in Languages possessed by them.

    Now coming to the main theme of the issue. If Iran is not yet capable of producing nuclear weapons then why Israel is hyping up such stories? We must remember that the state of Israel has a very important ally in the south East Asia who at one end is a threat to Pakistan and on the other hand is the possible ground to launch an attack on Iran if required. So if India is an important ally of Israel then the intentions and actions are conspicuous and dangerous. One can imagine that in the light of attack on Iran what are the hidden plans of the state of Israel? It would not be wrong to say that Iran is just a misguidance to the international community to attack another important Islamic state. Now the question is which Islamic state? Is it Saudia Arabia, Afghanistan or is it Islamic Republic of Pakistan? The answer to this question is very simple. Saudi Arabia in no more than the colony of USA at the current moment. Secondly when we talk about Afghanistan, it (Israel) is very much involved there. MOSAD has its various sanctuaries in Kandhar and nearby regions of Iran and Pakistan. Now when we talk about Pakistan then it is important to say that besides it geostrategic importance in the world, it also

    has an immense importance in the Islamic World. Currently it is the only Nuclear Power in the Islamic world with the world’s best Armed Forces and Intelligence Agencies. Now it is easy to understand that why such maneuvering is being done by different international Armed forces including the US forces in Middle East and Afghanistan. We must remember that on the eve of May 28 1998 when Pakistan was about to test its Nuclear Weapons an imminent threat of war was there with Israel. The reason for this tension was that Israeli Air force had their F-16s ready at the Jammu Air Base in order to bomb the nuke sites as well as the Kahuta research Centre, but it was due to the effort and courage of the pilots of Pakistan Air force, that Israel had to retreat and cancel their plans.

    Now the question arises if Israel attacks Iran or Pakistan what would be the possible consequences and the after effects. If we look towards the UN Security Council its permanent members such as China and Russia have already warned Israel to refrain itself from such action. On the other hand Pakistan too has warned India not to consider any possible surgical strikes on its soil. Currently Pakistan is also working on its various missile systems that could hit the target at a distance of 7000 KMs carrying nuclear warhead. The Region is already on fire, in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan where in addition of terrorist’s hideouts and war on terror, sectarian violence is also on peak. Such an action would only add fuel to fire. If in coming days Iran is attacked then according to my analysts including myself Pakistan would have to bring its Armed forces out of Western Borders and as a result more troops and artillery would be deployed on the borders of India and Iran for a possible expansion of war. A stage may also arise where the Pakistan Armed forces might give a free hand to the so called Pakistani Taliban’s to expand their operations in Afghanistan, as already the ISI is blamed of funding Haqqani Network of Taliban. One important aspect to remember is that in recent days Saudi Arabia is also have cold relations with US and other western countries on an attempt to exploit the political chaos caused in neighboring Saudi countries. If war occurs then there might be a possibility that Saudi Arabia would initiate a counter action program me by funding Al Qaeda in Iraq as well as Afghanistan to pressurize the NATO and ISAF to interfere in the matter followed by a resolution by the Security Council. If for instance these stated actions fail to bring peace then it is feared that Pakistan might use its Nuclear Weapons against the US allies in Middle East as well as in its neighbors that would be devastating for the whole region.

    Already analysts have predicted of a possible World War III in coming years if this action of Israel is not stopped on immediate basis. When media is consulted it is clearly visible that cold war has already been initiated followed by a 4th Generation war between Pakistan and Israel that would have a very devastating end. One must remember that the beginning of a World War is when different countries start making blocks of allies that results in political, social and economical conflicts ending at a war. But it must be kept in mind that this war would not be a war on political ideology, rather this would be a war based on Religious ideologies.


    A Method to Address Economic Recession, Remove Poverty, Terrorism, Improve Law and Order, Reduce Drug Abuse, Inflation And Taxes in an Interest Free Based Economy.

    By: Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan, FRCS, PhD

    I have developed a new financial instrument which will be much more valuable than the bonds or the treasury bills government sells in the open market to raise much needed funds to run the country. These are all interest based instruments and can only be used by institutions. The instrument I am proposing is without interest and will be used by everybody to purchase goods and services in the government and private sector resulting in up to 60% discounts. This is why these will be massively bought up front in large amounts in the shortest period of time of one month to run the country for at least a year and much more by the end of the year.

    The world is facing many challenges with no solution in sight.
    The main cause of all these ills is the POVERTY. Float bonds which can be used by everybody rich or poor and are not debt to the state so there is no question of interest.
    How: Take the example of USA which is going through a great recession.
    USA borrows money by selling treasury bills and the interest based bonds. The suggestion is to sell these bonds on non interest basis.
    1. Buy all goods and services under govt control with these bonds and these bonds will replace dollar with bonds.
    2.10 million duty waved off.
    3.100 billion dollars prize draw from the bonds held by the public every day.

    EXAMPLE: ONE dollar buys 5 bonds on the condition that the amount should be $100,000 or multiple of it. Fewer amounts will get the rate of four and three. This massive discount period is only for first month at the start of the implementation of this system. In the second month the rate will be 4 but the rate of 3 will apply to subsequent months for the same amount.
    1. All state controlled services and commodities.
    EXAMPLE: A bill of (any service or Commodity) $100 can be paid with 200 bonds and there will be no exception to this rule. A NET DISCOUNT OF 60%.
    A simple formula will apply: Total bill in dollars x2 is the number of bonds surrendered. Price in bonds will not be less than the cost price but without the direct indirect taxes and the duties which are added to the present cost to make it very expensive.
    It will attract at least 50 million people to take this opportunity as early as possible. And if one is sure of making 100% profit within 30 days there will be many more that will help themselves.
    RESULT: Government gets at least $5 trillion within a very short period of time of few days and much more in the rest of the year. THIS IS NOT A DEBT AS STATE HAS SOLD BONDS (Commodity) WHICH IS AN ALTERNATE CURRENCY AND DO NOT CARRY ANY INTEREST. One immediately thinks who will bear the loss and this loss to the state will not be more than total year budget of $2.5 trillion which it collects in one year with all the taxes and the duties but the bond price is simply a cost price without any kind of tax or duty. So there is a net gain of approximately 2.5 trillion within a short period of time. First floodgate of money has been opened.
    State will float tenders to select a private agency (USMF) UNITED STATES MONITORY FUND JUST A NAME GIVEN TO THIS ORGANIZATION with the lowest bid WHERE AS second, third and fourth bidders will be auditors of USMF. This agency will employ at least 20 million unemployed on 10% commission basis and without any salary. These agents will have to pay $500 as an annual fee to USMF in order to build the infrastructure for the sale of bonds. Agents’ quota will be $300,000 per month or they will be allowed to sell their whole year quota in one day or in a month. This will only materialize if the agent shares his commission with the buyer. Greater the share of commission quicker the sale. The investor or a buyer will sell these bonds at the same rate of 5 per dollar and his bonds will sell like hot cakes every day as there is no condition of the amount of money to purchase the bonds. In this way even the poorest person will get the same or near the same rate as the investor earns a profit from the commission which he takes from the agent and makes almost 100% profit by only investing $100,000. He will sell these bonds repeatedly and will keep almost 6% profit every day till the demand lasts. NOW THINK HOW MUCH FUNDS STATE HAS ACCUMULATED Much more than few years budget in matter of only one month.
    This is the second flood gate of money and there are still four more floodgates of money yet to open. So at the end of 30 days or even much earlier the government declares tax free country for ever. With the removal of all kinds of direct and indirect taxes and duties the price of oil electricity telephone and of all other services under government control is now almost 60% less than before as these are being purchased by bonds (which is the cost price) and not with dollars. The production cost of everything has come down tremendously.
    This was the third floodgate of money which is even bigger than the first one and the exact amount is impossible to asses unless the system is implemented.
    In order to provide cheap bonds throughout the year government offers three types of registration fees.
    1. Pay $100,000 in the start of the year and get the rate of 5 for the rest of the year and this will suit the professional’s and salaried person’
    2. Pay $10,000 yearly and get 20,000 new bonds at the rate 5 every month but one has to collect 10,000 bonds (equal to fee) to get this cheap rate throughout the year. Higher the registration fee more the entitlement of cheap bonds. This registration will suit any small time business who will sell his product cheaper provided 15% bonds are also paid with rest of cash money by the customer SEE THE NEXT REGISTRATION FOR FURTHER EXPLANATION OF15%BONDS. This will apply to all goods in private sector and does not apply to the government sector. This is a big incentive to accept bonds in the private sector as the business accepting more bonds will have more business than the trader not accepting the bonds so the bonds market will multiply and there will be a constant need for bonds in the open market.
    3. Third type of registration will be of $100,000 which will entitle the business to sell its products through USMF. The value of merchandise sold through this source will help the business to get the 5 bond per dollar rate or opt for the duty free option equal the amount sold. But with one condition of surrendering 15% bonds at each sale in dollars.
    MERCHANDISED SOLD THROUGH USMF $1000. BONDS SURRENDERED 150 ARE DEPOSITED IN STATE ACCOUNT TO BE SOLD AGAIN SO THE CYCLE OF BONDS IS ESTABLISHED .A receipt of bonds surrendered is obtained from USMF for evidence of sale of merchandise and this receipt will entitle the traders to get cheap bonds or the duty free option throughout the year BUT THE SAME RECEIPT CAN BE USED ONCE ONLY.
    3. The quota which can be sold is ten times the amount of Registration but not more unless the registration fee is increased. Now all the business will opt for this registration in order to reduce the cost of production. These 15% bonds the business will get back through a chain of dealers sub dealers and ultimately the customer will pay this bond portion as he will get the end product very cheap because of tremendous cut in the cost of production by the factors already mentioned. This will replace the GST or the VAT or the two price system seen all over USA. Almost everybody will sell their product through this channel as it will be much costlier to sell the product outside this system as cheap bonds are not available otherwise.
    According to rough estimate at least $10 trillion transactions are carried out every day in US and at each transaction 15% bonds are being surrendered, the price 15 bonds is $3. So 3% of 10 trillion will be $300 billion which goes into government account without any compulsion every day (UNBELIEVABLE). This is the fourth floodgate of money AND IS CALLED THE GOLD MINE. Now the state is sitting in the driving seat and all the money in banks of private sector has been transferred into government account and banks are no more the lenders but are borrower from the state which is the only source left and will invest in business with sound feasibility study checked by the state bank. The state will offer to invest 80% and the bank will bring investor who is willing to pool rest 20%. This 20% will be deposited in the bank and the bank will oversee the running the business, running expenses will be given to the investor from its share of 20%. There will be no collateral and share of the profit and loss will be shared in the ratio of 60 and 40. The bank will share the 60% with the investor and 40% will go to state funds and the state will provide everything under its control below cost which will farther reduce the cost of production and at the same time will MARKEDLY improve the profit margins OF ALL THE BUSINESSES. No major business can refuse this offer. Any bank showing repeated loss will go out of business as there will be no more funds available from the government source and all other interest based sources are not available any more. Interest based banking is gone forever or it may be at a very small scale and the state will not offer loans on interest as these are not any more profitable and risk free as there is no collateral. The amount of profit government will share will be unimaginable and this is the 5th flood gate opened.
    Last but not the least government will acquire all the land on lease without any force and will provide all the needs to the formers THROUGH CORPORATE FARMING SECTOR HIRED BY THE STATE below cost and will become the shareholder according to the mutual contract with the land owner this is the 6th flood gate of money opened.
    When all the possible land is being cultivated by best agriculture engineers there will be much better yield and much more profit to land owner then who will not join hands with the government.
    All the above claims have been proved to be true except the terrorism.
    We have to look at root cause and it is POVERTY and NOT the religion which is being falsely blamed. The going rate for a suicide bomber is $1,000 in Pakistan, Iraq and in Afghanistan. Can one believe that anyone having at least two meals a day will blow himself? Never the areas of the countries where these attacks are happening are extremely poor and the extremist elements who themselves are or were poor exploit these very poor people to carry out attacks for money to save their families dying from hunger and this is an open secret. Extreme elements has large force that is recruited from poor areas as there in no job anywhere and they provide these raw recruits with only food and shelter and at same time brainwash them and train some of them to carry out these attacks by giving them enough money in their lives to support their dependents. You might mention few isolated cases of being well to do and still carried out these attacks. Once the poverty is removed in these areas by implementing this system these attacks will come to an end immediately. This system is not only meant for USA but will be easily applicable to every country.

  3. The U.S. is experiencing a double dip, double digit inflationary recession. The economy is being destroyed with hyper inflation. You have people that are unemployed, working part time and working for less money. Congress is grid locked and are in the hip pockets of special interest. No one wants to compromise with a combination of budget cuts and tax increases for the rich. Some one has to pay the piper. The figures just don’t add up. You don’t have to be an arm chair economist that went to Yale or Harvard to figure it out. There are some serious problem with the economy. If the present course that the economy is headed on does not change drastically the U.S. and rest of the world is headed for a depression. When the speculative bubble burst ist is going to get ugly. This generation is not going to be content of standing in a soup line. They are going to be rioting in the streets.

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