CERN Illuminati Mystery Revealed – “We Have Arrived At The Final Conclusion” – CERN To Open The Pits of Hell

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Susan Duclos

Many of us have seen the assertions that the Illuminati, often referred to as satanists, Luciferians, puppet-masters, the powers that be, whatever one chooses to call them, foreshadow events using music, videos, television, movies and other methods to telegraph what is coming, becoming more bold with each year, more in-your-face with their public satanic rituals and insinuating evil into the lives of the masses.

CERN Illuminati Mystery Revealed  We Have Arrived At The Final Conclusion CERN To Open The Pits of Hell

With the restarting of the CERN large hadron collider, to which scientists have been quoted expressing concerns about the it opening doorways, portals to “parallel universes” and “extra dimensions,” a videographer, Enterthe5t4rz, has discovered a very strange connection between CERN and the 2012, 7-and-a-half minute video “I,Pet goat II.”

Many might remember that while this referenced video is described as “a critical look at the events of the past decade that have shaped our world,” dozens have attempted to decode the strange and surreal video and have claimed that much like the “Illuminati cards,” it actually foreshadows events that occurred after its release in typical Illuminati style.

Enterthe5t4rz discovered that if you type “IPETGOAT” into Google Earth it brings up the “location”…. CERN. This led the videographer to state he believes “we have arrived at the conclusion,” meaning CERN, which will open the doorway to the pits of hell.


What led me to that video was another by TheScariestMovieEver which expands not just on the Google Earth aspect but on the meaning behind Illuminati references, the “INSANE Illuminati Mystery Revealed (CERN,UFOs,Israel,Baphomet)” as he titles his video, where he points out that while CERN was listed in the Google Earth search as location A, the “Dome on the Rock” in Israel was listed as location B.

Many might remember the Dome on the Rock was the location of the controversial “UFO” sighting which some claimed was a hoax.

While everyone might not agree with their determinations, there is no doubt that plugging “IPETGOAT” into the Google Earth search and being brought to CERN, is strange and unusual in and of itself.

Are those in charge of CERN attempting to open the doorway and usher in the Anti-Christ?

It is noteworthy that the CERN logo is made up of three 6s, shown below:


Did “I,Pet goat II,” telegraph this in 2012?

Has this all been one huge Illuminati mindgame, telling us what is coming then sitting back and laughing as their endgame plays out?

The first video is an explanation from TSME on what he believes is behind this latest CERN mystery. The second is the original discovery of the “IPETGOAT” Google search showing CERN as the “location.” Last but not least, the original 2012 “I,Pet goat II,” so people that have not seen it can get a good idea of why so many were disturbed by the project.

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  1. Glenn Shumway June 10, 2015 at 10:23 pm - Reply

    Get some sleep, Robert, and leave the attempted destruction of the universe to Satan and his minions. It’ll be here soon enough.

  2. Robert Kimble June 10, 2015 at 4:03 am - Reply

    The best solution to clean up earth is to nuke it and kill all living things. It is the most painless way to go. Every nuclear weapon on eath goes off at once. The beauty of this extinction will be no one will know what hit them and it will be over instantaneously. Clean and does the job. It’s pure genius.

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