Charles Manson – Superstar 1989 Documentary



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  1. Is this real? I suspect whole helter skelter wad a gub-ment psyop. Manson neva seems to really be in jail. I suspect hes an mkultra subject. Charles is a gov code word: charlie hebdo, charleston sc, charlie brown, echo tango bravo charlie. Manson is masonn anagrams

  2. So many coincidences surrounding the case to the theories of Nikolas Shreck, and he knows how to combine the coincidences to a fairy tale imagination! Sure Helter Skelter theory may not be 100% accurate, but i think is Schecks theory based on a conspiracy is far from the truth! Sure at the end of 13 chairs that guy looked like Manson, but that look is also common, in fact it still is today and it haves nothing to do with Manson, hell Mick Foley kinda looks like Manson, but there are to different! Manson is as guilty as is fucked up followers were!

  3. mknj5191960 says:

    All five of these fuckers should have been gassed back in 1971. How many millions has it cost to keep these fuckers alive, food, incarceration cost, legal fees, appeals, parole hearings, medical care (including over a million dollars just for that fucking pig Atkins and her fucking cancer) and all the fucking schooling these skanks got in prison.
    Pieces of fucking shit should be dea

  4. Nové Můra says:

    Man, this is really shitty. Was this made for a community college video class or something?

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