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  1. Charlie is a kid

  2. Kali Vontor says:

    Ok hwhy ( did anyone hear that?) ?

  3. marine1238AJ says:

    The horses thing I've ever eaten is blue cheese

  4. 1:25 psh I have NEVER tried to do that ?

  5. mia baca says:

    chucky split pea soup

  6. Mia Phillips says:

    we're is shane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. damn since so many people are doing charlie charlie he has to be a lot of places

  8. lucky rabbit says:

    a guy eating poop wow I thought I heard everything

  9. I laughed so much when he said Charlie is the less threading demon name

  10. loeg was a cool movie

  11. My name is charlie lol

  12. Ahsoka Tano says:

    the question you said at the end of the video. my answer is the bean bozzle challenge, the skunk spray

  13. Ikhlas addow says:

    the grossest thing I ate was kidney beans

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