Charlie Sheen: Illuminati SATANIC RITUAL ABUSER



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  1. Mr Slayz says:

    I wanna sell my soul

  2. Angela Wolf says:

    Born male, I have fantasys of being used by men in a spitroast. What does that say about me? Am I watching to many Sissy videos? Or are the pedophile government trying to brainwash me?

  3. frau cassel says:

    excellent video thanks…charlie sheen is a fucking evil drunker phedofile satanic like all hollywood

  4. Charlie, When you take your last breath you will call on Jesus,I hope he hears you at that date. Thanks Chris

  5. my chemical romance in the background. they too should be in question about their elitism. fob and patd as well

  6. Omar Sanchez says:

    this guy… garbage..

  7. Gean Jones, I dont have cable tv neither. no thanks. i know too much about hollyweird Satanic disney. nope. dont need it. i will rent hallmark movies , national geographic, and extremely looked over movies at the library for my family and i . we listen to music( none of that rihanna beyonce miley none of those illuminutty satanic mk ultra type b.s.) again i choose carefully for my children. we dont spend 1nickel on hollywood dvd cd They get none of our money. Charlotte in Baltimore Maryland

  8. YUGO BOSS says:

    All celebrities are soulless and have to suck each others dicks and fuck old men and eat shit to get the fame , not worth it hahah

  9. Power Meditation PDF volumes 1,2,3 PDF Satan's Library PDF FREE EBOOKS
    Just type in the above. Tells what the satanists are doing Scary stuff.

  10. Lynn Purcell says:

    The "mogul" isn't Sheen. All of Hollywood is sick and corrupt. He's just a tool they used until he screwed up. Charlie Sheen is just one of the dumbasses that the "moguls" use to  do their evil deeds. And Denise Richards is no neophyte by any means. Grow up people.

  11. Bryan Ekberg says:

    i have reasons to believe it was martin sheen who did it.

  12. Sick man Yahweh rebuke him and all pervertion satanic worshipping evil man.

  13. Kyle Butler says:

    Charlie's a sick puppy, no question, but he was 21 when Haim's was raped on set of Lucas by a man in his 40's, could be Martin Sheen.

  14. mrwestsida12 says:

    we have a word for this guy. it's called kike. go fucking suck jew dick charles

  15. mrwestsida12 says:

    this man should be euthanized by the state

  16. Chris Taber says:

    This video is superior to your Charlize Theron one

  17. PJ Walker says:

    This is Alex Jones' good buddy. I would not he surprised if Jones gets exposed in all this kind of sick shit eventually because they have partied together.

  18. RobPt311 says:

    Youtube "Christianity and Astrology" next…

  19. all of the others who can not be named, I Hope That Your Being What Ever It Is Or Where Ever It Is, Burns You With Fire Of No Forgivenss , For Eternity.

  20. charlie sheen I Hope That Your Being What Ever It is Or Where Ever It Is, Burns You With Fire of No Forgiveness

  21. sun Tao says:

    We should outlaw TV
    to think these are the people we grew up watching

  22. ThazzThazz says:

    they are adopted…. charlie sheen's "ex wife" is a TRANNY.

    LOOK HIS FUCKING NECK. HIS ADAM'S APPLE IS BIGGER THAN MY BALLS. compare the neck with the journalist on the interview…….. damn men….

  23. Charlie isnt the mogule. Hes the dying patsy. Idiots!

  24. Sherry B says:

    Embarrassed because "It was such a personal thing" I can kinda understand that. I agree it's her fear of Charlie Sheen more I believe. just my little opinion.

  25. Hood Hero says:

    OMG I love his HIV positive ass

  26. This guy is not very funny, he's horrible.

  27. tbhidgaf says:

    This is sad I want to cry 🙁 STOP living for hollywood stars and go to CHURCH!

  28. Hit the nail on the head. Dude's a freak! Kudos to Denise Richards for being a great mom.

  29. 2mwillis says:

    Charlie fucked Corey Haim in the ass.

  30. Lisa Davies says:

    I never understood why the awful tragidy of a show, pretending to be comedy, that is 2 and half men made so much money. It was/is crap! Charlie Sheen's a piece of shit. I hope he stays alive long enough to be prosecuted but I doubt that'll happen. He's probably blackmailing other perverts who protect him. I can't watch tv or hollywood made films any more. Especially if they have child stars. What they did to Corey Haim and other kids is demonic. I hope we're seeing the end of celebrity culture.

  31. Buckeye Roy says:

    There's a very popular internet preacher who I've always had a bad feeling about and my feelings were somewhat intensified as I watched a video of his where he pretty much praises and kisses Charlie Sheen's ass.

  32. Sarah says:

    Illuminati=the New World Order=Satanism=money, drugs, sodomy, torture, and kill

  33. what did this have to do with satanism and the illuminati?

  34. art johnson says:

    As a limo driver in Vegas I drove Charlie Sheen twice.  Seemed like a really great guy, just goes to show you, you never know what's going on inside someone.

  35. Lyn Bennetts says:

    I just looked further into this Charlie Sheen thing.Good try, cut and paste works a treat doesn't it? That court document has not mentioned Charlie Sheen anywhere sge could be talking about anyone. That may not even be her statement?Making out that Charlie Sheen is a Satanistic Ritual Abuser because he called them out on their false flag of 9/11.I call BULLSHIT!

  36. [ooo] says:

    Wooh.. You have open My eyes for things so… Bizzare I never even would have guessed in my Wildest dream.
    Gotta say This again, You make Amazing Videos!

  37. feldman has talked about haim being sodomized by an older co-star on the set of Lucas… sheen was in that movie with him

  38. Chris Bell says:

    I use to idolise this guy when I was younger and all the brat pack. cant believe and disgusted in him now

  39. Rica Bogdany says:

    This happens all over the World. It's the basis for all predatory sexual behavior. Been going on since the Garden of Eden. Unfortunately it's so prevalent now that our children aren't ever 'safe'… Lord God we have to open our eyes. Help us to reject this evil and Its attendant addictions. Amen. Repentance and forgiveness are the Keys. The Love of God thru Christ Jesus is the only thing powerful enough to create Beauty from ashes. Blessings ya'll ?✨?✨?

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