Check The Propaganda: Pakistani Baloch Were Never Victimized


Pakistani journalists and commentators are unknowingly repeating lies which anti-Pakistan elements use for propaganda. Our media must remember two points: how resources are equally distributed and that the economic mess is the work of politicians and terrorists in the province. 


Pakistani media and commentators are repeating a mistake and accepting it as truth. That mistake is the myth of victimization of our Pakistani Baloch in their homeland, Pakistan.


Unfortunately, our media promotes these lies and our enemies in two foreign countries then use it to weaken us and mislead our young Pakistani Baloch.

To start, the myth revolves around the idea that Pakistani Baloch are or were deprived of state resources and were not allowed to manage their affairs.

Exactly how Pakistani Balochis received an unfair deal is never spelled out in any detail. But the accusation is leveled with confidence as if it’s true.

It is time to break this myth.

FACT ONE: Balochistan receives more share in state resources. With less than five per cent of Pakistan’s population, the southwestern province receives nine per cent of the total federal funds allocation. How can this be a raw deal?

FACT TWO: Balochistan resources are used in the same way that resources of all other provinces are used. The rules for this are laid down in the Constitution and are same for all the provinces, as they should be. If the provincial government of Balochistan or local politicians feel the rules are not fair, they can approach the Supreme Court with relevant proof for redress. This is an option that was never exercised because there’s no case.

FACT THREE: Balochistan province lags behind in the areas of security, education, healthcare and jobs. But all of these subjects fall under the purview of the provincial government, which has always been in the hands of Baloch politicians. If blame is to be assigned it should be laid mostly, if not completely, on persons that have ruled the province as representatives of the Pakistani Baloch. These rulers of the province include those terrorists who are today working with United States and India to spread terror in southwest Pakistan.

FACT FOUR: Terrorists working with foreign powers have destroyed Balochistan’s economy. By resorting to terrorism in collaboration with foreign powers, the few traitors acting in the name of Baloch people have killed or scared away most of the teachers, doctors and professional Pakistanis in the province. Both Baloch and non-Baloch professional Pakistanis avoid the province thanks to these terrorists. No sane person is going to even think of making an investment in the province in the conditions that these terrorists have created. Thousands of jobs have been lost because of schools, hospitals and business closures and prospects for the future rendered dim. This is not the work of the federal government or any of the other Pakistani provinces. This mess is the creation of these terrorists who also happen to be sons of two or three tribal chiefs.

The great Pakistani Baloch must realize that the people who have created the present situation are not their friends and do not have their best interest at heart. Most of them have sold their souls to foreign governments or, at best, are in it for themselves. The rest are too gullible or ill-informed and have fallen prey to a false sense of injustice which is not helping the cause of Balochistan province or of Pakistan.

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