chemtrail Documentary April 2010



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  1. Lautjul says:

    best info on the topic so far… thx for the intel.

    grtz l. r.

  2. jimmyz45t says:

    exilent vid very informative great work

  3. wolco003 says:

    Hey maybe now I'm not so crazy!

  4. Agenda 21 is now in full swing.

  5. cdenver says:

    Great video thanks, really informative and great to see research being conducted on ChemTrails and GeoEngineering.

  6. I feel like a fool now.This video just explains every thing to me.I am after leaving some bad comments on other chemtrails videos thinking this was nothing but bullshit but i stand corrected.thank you for this video….and they say you learn something every day….

  7. Mycterizian says:

    I am an environmental scientist and the lab results for drinking water are nothing to worry about. Aluminum is a natural element in natural water as well after water treatment for drinking water is tested to ensure it is under 50 ug/L. Further the 8 ug/L for Barium is nothing but air pollution and it is far from being at lethal levels. Whoever put this video together is an idiot and is not a credible scientist such as myself who has worked in municipal drinking water for years.

  8. @Mycterizian I am not a scientist,and i know Flouride is a little less poisonous than arsenic,and more than lead.What is your oppinion on this?

  9. @lenny820 YEAY! your on our side now 🙂 yippie do day 😀

  10. Mycterizian says:

    Fluoride is safe in Drinking Water and usually is about 0.6ppm in drinking water. Anything more than 3ppm can cause modeling of the teeth. Fluoride is a tertiary addition to drinking water and is not required. Some municipalities use and others do not, in other words it is not mandatory by law. I have heard rumors about them using Fluoride for mind control yet I have never found any scientific data or reports to back it up.

  11. Paul Warner says:

    @Mycterizian Thats all good and well, but as an environmental scientist do you agree that someone is dumping chemicals over our cities and towns, regardless of the the actual chemicals used?

  12. @Lubieland The trouble is,you cant trust any academics,because if they speak out they lose their goverment grant's.To begin with the goverment just said they were contrails,but now there are official goverment documents about Geoengineering/Chemtrails realesed by the U.K parliment.It's just lie after lie

  13. Mycterizian says:

    @Lubieland Well I have seen chem trails and certainly there should be some investigation into what they really are. Yet this video does a poor job and actually takes credibility from the theory as these guys are totally wrong using data they don't understand. I do believe there is an elitest conspiracy to enslave the world and even kill people to control the growing population of the world. I think what we need to be more concerned about in our country is the emergence of the police state.

  14. @Mycterizian Great comment 🙂

  15. @Mycterizian I am a leading scientific advisor to major corporations concerning environmental toxicity and to put it plainly you are full of crap. The environment consists of much more than the drinking water that is processed by water treatment companies. A honey bees nervous system is 1000 times more specialized than that of humans. Its specialized, biological skill set is directed to one amazing masterpiece of design and our honey bee population is being destroyed from this!

  16. Americans just dont get it……Colony Collapse disorder is a direct result of the massive introduction of aluminum to the atmosphere and it short circuits the ability of bees and Bats neurologic systems. That is why bees cant figure out how to return to the hive.

  17. Mycterizian says:

    @illuminationclub You are you? What do you advise? Surely there are loads of pollutants in the air I'll agree with you there, however chem trails are merely exhaust from jet planes ya tool.

  18. Mycterizian says:

    Chem trails are just airplane exhaust you idiots!!!

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