ChemTrails video.


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  1. This site proves you can morph from an intelligent person into an idiot, but not back again.This is bullshit paranoia, and probably borderline psychotic.

  2. Weather modification is not secret. They use silver iodin and barium oxide to manipulate cloud formation in the upper atmosphere. Its called geoengineering, look it up. There is alot of government documents to look through. Its not a secret, idiot.

  3. Cloud Seeding programs have been going on since WW2. Who controls the weather controls the world. For example, if you make a drought in a foreign country you are at war with crops will die and people will starve. Or you could extend the raining season of certain countries and cause mass flooding. Do more research and try to look for government sources.

  4. ChemTrailsMN says:

    Last year was a terrible drought, and this year it may be worse, if they keep spraying, there will be no rain- 10 or more States in the USA are already in trouble, they are running out of water. This is a direct result if the Geo-Engineering ChemTrails we see almost every day.

  5. ctwatcher says:

    Yesterday, Easter was so beautiful in CO…glad I enjoyed it as today is just ugly, no trails to be seen, we are in drought in CO thanks to their insane spraying!

  6. ChemTrailsMN says:

    They tend to NOT spray on some Holidays, too many people out looking up-

  7. ChemTrailsMN says:

    I encourage and challenge everyone that has questions or concerns regarding ChemTrails to Google this and buy the documentary: " The Great Culling "

  8. Another silly "chemtrail" video that proves nothing. Obviously clueless about the atmosphere and aviation. Where are the genuine incontrovertible "facts"? Just the same old hearsay. An easy video to debunk. Try again.

  9. and the world wonders why there's global warming

  10. Ed Diggs says:

    after you call your congress person and senators, you may want to call your local environmental group and see what you can do to help them.

  11. mike smith says:

    Gov. shutdown yet they ain't stopping the spraying of chemtrails. Chemtrails means more to them than any national park even!!! The last thing they will shut down will be this covert operation of spraying us.

  12. Geoengineering or Chemtrails have only ONE end result…..POPULATION REDUCTION……how ?? ….well , the human body is NOT designed to consume or inhale  Aluminum nano particles , Strontium ,Barium , etc……These people who like to dump this toxic mixture into OUR skies fail to tell you that GRAVITY brings all this deadly toxic mixture back to earth where is pollutes water and soil…….plants take up the toxic mix and then you eat the plant……or animals eat the grasses and plants then you eat the animals……or you drink the water………So you have at least 3 points of ingestion……Breathing it into your lungs……eating contaminated foods….or drinking polluted water…….
    All 3 of the toxic pollutants build up in the human body over time…..Males will suffer low sperm counts fairly quickly…….Male  and Female will develop more Tumors and various Cancers dependant on individual resistance….Lethargy, Lack of energy , lack of drive , slowing of all brain functions…..Your children will suffer the same ……unborn children will develop problems within the womb and have untold defects as babies……..THIS GAME THESE PEOPLE PLAY IS GENOCIDE AND MUST BE STOPPED…….they claim it slows global warming………if there are no people left global warming will not matter will it…….These toxic poisons will kill us….and they use your tax dollars to buy this poison to drop on you……And they spray only over populated areas….NOT OVER THE VAST OCEANS….so their argument that somehow spraying just over populated areas can somehow stop global warming over the rest of the planet IS TOTAL BOLLOCKS……
    Make your concerns known to your government…..find out which officials support this Genocide and VOTE THEM OUT….

  13. If this was true, it would be the first time envolved could keep such a big secret among society.

  14. fudgedog says:

    Ever see the trails at night? no, you can't see them at night, so why do they spray in the day when all could see? ever see the trails while driving far away from a city (on the road to Vegas) yes, but there is no one to spray out there. Its just water vapor.

  15. Gisela Stapf says:

    please try orgonite/chembuster. they really work against some chemtrails.

  16. Why would they do this? 

  17. Hi I'm Mr. Peebumpoopface are they spraying pee on us?

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