ChemTrailSkys RoadTrip 2011 Part 2 – 1 of 3 Videos



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  1. 1cinjim says:

    If you come to Long Island, please contact me

  2. 1cinjim says:

    If you come to Long Island, please contact me

  3. 1cinjim says:

    posted all videos on longislandskywatch

  4. LOVE this video God bless America!

  5. brigitfey says:

    Many blessings on your beautiful journey! You may want to check out the small town where I live in the San Luis Valley, CO (Crestone)…there are many different spiritual traditions represented here & it is a mecca of alternative sustainable building. Think you might find a lot of kindred spirits in this special place.

  6. brigitfey says:

    @ChemTrailSkys It would be great to meet you all! 'What on Earth are they Spraying?' was shown in town last night 🙂 My house is very small (my daughter gets the bedroom & I sleep in the living room) but I think I could manage to help you find a place to stay here…are you traveling in an RV?

  7. Really enjoyed this message, it's very encouraging to know there are people out there on the road spreading the truth! What are the 2 songs you used on this video, they're both wonderful?

  8. SSArt98 says:

    Spreading information is truly better than spreading chem-trails!

    Praying that when or if you get near the midwest (Indiana) I will be back on my feet & be able to help.Right now I'm sharing this with the few subs/friends I have,you guys are truly great people.

    SSArt98 (James)

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