ChemTralSkys RoadTrip 2011 Part 1 – 1 of 3 Videos



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  1. rosepaigefly says:

    I can offer you 50 (copies) of the DVDs What in the World are they Spraying. W have been encouraged to copy this by Micheal and the filmmakers, so we have and use the tool regularly although I suspect when you have connected with Micheal (as we have) he will be only to pleased to donate the originals himself 🙂 Micheal and Paul are terrific guys, humble and we owe them a great deal This awakening has taken off because of their efforts.

  2. TODnMO says:

    God Bless and have a blast!!!!!!

  3. SSArt98 says:

    Great thing you two are doing & I wish you the best.


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