China and Russia army will destroy NATO and USA 2015 – last game of god



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  1. And it's not a game a God but an evil, dictator who's plans all went to shit because he has no idea how to run a country that us already suffering. But that's the story of Russia. It's always been a shithole for many years.

  2. It's been tried…with disastrous results for the attacker…ALWAYS! But that's never stopped the corrupt tyrants like China and Russia, from doing it again…

  3. But there's only one damn problem with this ! WE ARE STILL ALIVE !!!! 2016.

  4. Great China people are peaceful people, westerners taking advantage, westerners need human eyes see the Chinese in the eyes. War are there, westerners never won even isis.

  5. Tamer Kunter says:

    usa, russia and another christians want to fight against muslims.. but china, india, japan and north korea confuses christians's mind.. bcoz buddhists and hindus are more ruthless against christianism

  6. Matty says:

    This guy's stupidity is adorable.

  7. but chinese cannot speak english so they cannot order burgers!!! but they can bomb the chinese food shop with drones cause they dont eat with chop stick

  8. Guys you know what? You Russians say: "Bah, evil Nato is going to spend more on the Military babababa…" but you do Videos in wich you say: "We will attack and destroy all of you!!!1!+!!". Guys WTF? Stop doing such a bullshit! You are provocating a Terrible war with such Videos! If the war gets Nuclear you provocate the downfall of the whole humankind. Guys you are Not cool if you say: "Yeah my country fuck yours easy we will destroy you bahbah". With this you just Show how mich fear you have from another country…. NATO is a defence alliance, they dont want war with anyone and they CANT Start war with anyone. Even if one country says: "Yeah, we are going to attack Russia" no of the other countrys will follow, because this is an ilegal attack war. You can be proud of your Military and of the strenth of your Nation, i am also, but stop with such Aggressions against other Nations! You say the others, NATO an US or whatever, are the evil guys but you do Videos like this… it seems like you dont know how Terrible war is.

  9. Guy who Made this Video by the way ahm… i dont know if you know but turkey is member of the NATO.

  10. Wex says:

    Have you seen Americas navy…

  11. hanief karim says:

    Russia fears no one

  12. Manuqtix says:

    no Putin is a good guy he will never start any kind of war.



  15. Greetings from 2016 ?

  16. So? Your Turkish really like the war? I do not want my country China fight US because if there is a war between Russia China US and NATO, the planet will be the nuclear waste land.

  17. They advertise that Turkey will Destroy Israel? What a joke, Turkey would not have the means to move troops to Israel, if they tried they would be destroyed before they could make it to the Israeli borders.
    Besides Israel has nukes, would use them, while NATO has nukes, Turkey does not have them, and if they attacked Israel I promise the US would not give them to them to use.

  18. tv watcher says:

    hey its 2016, is this still going to happen??? the suspense is killing me

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