China Explodes As US Bombs Syria With Iran Talking World War 3


Op Blackjack Iran / Syria / China sliding 3.html ? image = 7 massive explosions have hit cities in northern China …


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  1. Willy D says:

    You and all your country men need to watch the documentary called "dirty war" on Netflix.
    The leaders of your country need to be tried for mass murder

  2. The closest thing I can find happened July 17th 1944 when Naval artillery shells being loaded from rail to ship somehow detonated. Over 300 dead nearly 400 wounded.

  3. freedom4kaz says:

    Scary times indeed, hang on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride!!

  4. i Think it was a silent Missle… they  knew  what was in that ware house… i  think they  are   practicing  and   soon  i  think  it will really  happen every  where.. and  The US  allready  had   all their  countrys  they want in a Memo..and  i  also  have  researched  911  and   Isreal  had   alot  to do with it.. they are the real  Terrorists  / they want USA  to start war  with Iran..and  by  back  stabbing the USA  they might  get  their wish..but as far as im  concerned  ..Iran  should just Bomb  isreal and  leave   us alone..

  5. Michelle J says:

    Saw about 5 light solid tan army vehicles one was a war vehicle or so it looked like and one had a lot of thick razor wire  on the back.  One was camouflage also. The white vans plates said government.  Bizarre one person said. They have been in that area for at least 3 to 4 days riding around.
    This was on delk rd in Marietta GA at a racetrack gas station 20 min. from Atlanta ga and there is no army base there only dobbins afb.

  6. a very strange explosion indeed.

  7. Concerning Syria- we WERE asked. The American people- sick and tired of war said, NO! But, just a few hoaxes and a couple of gallons of Fluoridated water later? Boom- we are bombing Syria. Easy.

  8. Mike Vukich says:

    youre wrong. nuclear bunker busters look pretty much exactly like that and dont kill everyone within miles. look at the ones syria dropped on yemen earlier this summer. same exact thing

  9. Here is what happen, this was a operation called Top Hat. In 1979 a plan was a small riots throughout the World with little bombs, as well a catastrophic and little gun shooting deserters here and there. Mean while there will be bombs and law being passed while the attention is off of the things that matter. Look this is not a conspiracy like 95 of the other shit. How do I know? My father is in the CIA, I hack his computer for fun. for more

  10. zarfii says:

    Rod of God or similar as a shot across the bow for China to play the US world financial game, and to not implode the US dollar. Probably same deal in Russia and Iran.

  11. sylvia says:

    Is it true chn supr comptr weaps is down becase blst ? If so it why chns angry with cnn reptr others rept blow horn watchmen prepare a. people not. one kind gather selves
    watch for snakes. brother to family.TEACH communities prep or wauld LIKE to feed them
    REALLY. ? prep veg in tubs indoors .dont disciplise sons to fathers need yous board up .teach children 1st aid might save yous life one day gym whole well being do healing find healer for backs .trfing feeling .gather selves .sad see sheeplemming half gos of with stranger danger other half sheeplemmings go and jump of with anything then wonders why falls in ravine must be for something better.

  12. We have found out us real patriots of the old America beliefs that our populations are complete Cunts to life and the Government knows now they will  and can do whatever the Fuck they want…….best not bring the war here, so take it abroad with drones (ones will foreshore fight, while others need to ) we the people who believe in freedom now believe in murder …..thank the sun, i and some others ain't weeeee……..Yep, the sun is the only God, always has been and will be , ask the Aztecks ………………Oops, my beliefs are the same as urs on how shit secrete and shit served to shit hell we are to our Gods that we Fucking keep paying our lives and hard earn shit money to……YEP    ….All Shit…..Shit Fuck Shit

  13. Yoda Dundar says:

    America (Ovomit) wants War, no elections, lots and lots of Money to be made
    China was hit for wanting to change dependency on US dollar, don't threaten US bankers, Think Japan learnt that as well
    Watching Ovomit etc, they hate losing, all this ME troubles are mostly because of US Gov't leaders doing dirty deals with the Saudis and ME terrorist groups, Clinton and Benghazi, McCain posing with Alqeda, think by now ALL Americans should know that Obama and Clinton along with the Bush family are all in bed with the Sunni regime, and it doesn't concern them at all that Yazidis, Christians are being butchered daily, Girls being raped repeatedly then butchered for fun, all collateral damage to the WH and the alphabet agencies
    Yet people are still swooning over Obama and Clinton, a Bush is running for Prez and many want him
    Watching things as they unravel over there, Islam, Immigration, all part of destroying the US from within, Militia are the biggest threat on FBI watch list, fearing they will target Muslims, all arse about backwards, where is the will of the opposition and people stopping this? why are the Blacks not figuring it out they are pawns in Obamas War against America, if they woke up and united with the Whites against this tyranny there might be chance to save the US, if not a Nation divided is a weak Nation

  14. did anybody see the craft leave after the first explosion

  15. misses kicks says:

    I cant click the link

  16. Harm Blok says:

    Realy feels like "Fallout" (the game) realy happens ?

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