China Russia Invasion of America World War 3

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  1. cbradley1391 says:

    the best thing my people can do is just accept that our government does fucked up shit, but at the same time realize that every other countrie does just as much fucked up shit. and that no other countrie would ever willingly disassemble themselves for us americans sake, so why the fuck should we do it for them? why should we load the bullet in the gun and shoot ourselves in the foot for someone all the way on the other side of the world who couldnt give a crap about us anyways?

  2. bob brown says:

    progress is the key word through mankind's history,at present mankind has a huge problem…..population = demand = economics , opinionated laws that suits some = frustration and anger = contempt and retaliation… is believed that world war 3 will end all wars… fight it out and whoever is the last standing shall clean up the mess and rebuild Eden…..we are so near……the golden age….man will be free from conflict

  3. joey8062 says:

    you mean back to the Monkey age,haha.

  4. idiot what in the bible say's that god is gonna release the evil's which mean's lot's of peoples will be killing their own kind but there is no ww3 and it's not written in the bible the people will just be crazy and if why is gonna do it it's bcoz he wanna chanllenge you if you'r gonna be 1 of those evil's this world is coming to an end not an invasion and you if you'r right the lord will punish the russians and the chinese like what they did to japan a very bad flood that made a ragattion

  5. lxAIRBORNExl says:

    This may happen but the US will win!

  6. BK Tactical says:

    This video is lame as fuck.

  7. RumTumTuggy says:

    9/11 in book of revelations: CHAPTER 18: "Therefore shall her plagues come in one day…and she shall be UTTERLY BURNED WITH FIRE…AND THE KINGS OF THE EARTH, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, SHALL BEWAIL HER, and lament for her, WHEN THEY SEE THE SMOKE OF HER BURNING… STANDING AFAR OFF for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for IN ONE HOUR is thy judgment come. And they cast dust on their heads". spooky

  8. Firestorm says:

    @lxAIRBORNExl: The US won't stand a chance Im afraid, the Russian and Chinese government are smarter than surprise attacking the US out of nowhere. They have to set off their nukes to destroy specific areas of the US to cripple them badly. After that they send in their troops to invade the US. Not trying to hate on US but that's how a real invasion works against the most powerful nation.

  9. Andy Taleb says:

    US is dead and china and russia would not declare war for no reason so they are not evil it might be Americas fault so don't comment back acting childish

  10. Lewisisabamf says:

    In a war US would destroy china

  11. don Jackson says:

    If they invade us well we got NATO so were not worried

  12. Firestorm says:

    Obi Jackson: you don't get it US allies don't care about them. They hate the US with their guts, the reason why US allies is their allies is because they are useful to them in military technology. They don't care for the US, they will just watch the US burn

  13. Stanly Roper says:

    not this dumb song again ….

  14. K PUA says:

    This video is raw American propaganda for portraying America as some sort of innocent state!b america is the great new Babylon that will be destroyed by Russia and bombed to ashes. The Bible prophecies states this. They're not gonna be destroyed because they were so innocent. As the Bible said, they were very wicked! I can't wait for the day America is destroyed in 2 prongs: WW3 and Armageddon.

  15. Bring it on you goddamn Communists

  16. Aj Miranda says:

    Thanks to our no good presidents after JFK. JFK was real & honest. But I can't really blame anyone or anything. It's just prophecy. It's already been written. What's going on in Syria & Egypt could defiantly trigger ww3. Because Russia prime minister Benjamin N, is very close to Syria. America is currently trying to overthrow the Syrian gov. Should America be successful, which is on it's way to completing the overthrow, Russia would retaliate on America.

  17. Aj Miranda says:

    Russia knows America won't stop at nothing from overthrowing Syria. Because if Syria goes down, then Russia will be politically & "regionally" weak. So what does Russia do? It attacks America with a surprise. No warnings. Nope. Just a well planned surprise attack on America. Chess pieces are already in place. Good luck everyone. Because it's only a matter of time.

  18. SmoooDooo says:

    Ahahahahahah, China Russia Invasion?????/ Ahahahahahah, America is the police government. America has no democracy. American governement implicated in the 911, boston marathon, sandy hook, wars against OIL countries, revolutions, global crisis…. And if we will come… we will come for USA government, not for american ppl. Russia is empire of good!

  19. is Russia invaded America u American r fucked

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