China’s defense minister statement giving indications of World War III


China’s defense minister statement giving indications of World War III. Watch this special segment and get to know more here. Zee News always stay ahead in …


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  1. chin dushman hai har good countries ke liye.

  2. Aryan Patel says:

    after ww3 china will be no more on this planet..only tension is about russia which is game changer

  3. Chinese Scums Always Want War .

  4. Shah Zad says:

    We love you China ______________________________________

  5. borzix1 says:

    China, Pakistan and India are all vastly overpopulated. Due to their preference of male offspring and that they use foetal ultrasound for checking sex, and aborting female babies, all the three countries have tens of millions of surplus male population. That is a great basis for building up armies for all these three countries. :-(

  6. DemonToss says:

    We should nuke China&India Both! They are real dangerous nations.

  7. This news has no real meaning. If it is so serious then the world should boycott China just like the way World did with North Korea. But no one will do that because world leaders have their money invested with China.

  8. Saeed Ahmed says:

    pakistan China zindabad pakistan isi zindabad China zindabad

  9. Pat Pat says:

    This time we won't return your capture land,we will retake POK too. Gaannd phatu chutiyeas

  10. zion mazlov says:

    China have to much men that can't marry a woman. Simply because there is not enough woman available for these men. And not just hundreds of men, I mean millions here. All those men can not start a family. So, they go to the army. The lack of chinese woman is a result of their goverment. Something to think about?

  11. Dhruv Kalra says:

    अभी तक भारतीय अन्तराष्ट्रीय पालिसी बनाने वाली इलीट, 1962 की हार के असर में दिख रही थी।

    ऐसा कोई भी काम नहीं करते थे, जो चीन को नागवार गुजरे। चीन-रक्षा-निति में
    मोदी जी के आने के बाद में बदलाव आया है। भारत ने अपने हितों को साधने के लिए शक्ति का संचय व् प्रयोग करने का मादा बना लिया है।
    चीन इसी बदलाव से खफा है। N S G पर भारत विरोधी रुख इसी बात को दर्शाता है।
    शक्ति के बिना विश्व गुरु भी नहीं बन सकता भारत।ऋषि मुनियों की तपस्या राक्षसों से बचाने के लिए क्षत्रीय राजाओं का साथ होता था।
    अब ऋषि-मुनि व् क्षत्रीय राजा दोनों ही भारत सरकार है।
    भारत को निस्संकोच अपने हितों की रक्षा करने के लिए जो भी आवश्यक हो करते रहना चाहिए। साथ ही चीन को भी विश्वास में लेना चाहिए।बताना चाहिए की उसी की निति ही तो अपना रहें हैं। और अमरीका से दोस्ती चीन से दुश्मनी नहीं है।

  12. haiwoihaiwoi says:

    Well – I think, instead of finding fault with China, the Indians should learn from China.The Chinese are alert and getting ready to face the future. The Indians have a dirty habit of seeing nothing and doing nothing. The Indians are nothing but good at complaining.

  13. john edwards says:

    allways wanted to bone an asian girl.

  14. chin bharat ka dusman hai

  15. true man says:

    hah 1300 million population country want protection from 150 millions pouplation country russia . china is coming you done india.

  16. in 1962 war of india with china, 1 soldier of indian army killed 300 soldiers of chinese army.
    jai hind
    jai hind ki sena

  17. aachihnando says:

    usa cannot let anyone live in peace… everywhre there is a hidden hand of usa…

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