China’s Savage War With Space Aliens


By Terrence Aym

Some ancient writings of China that precede their calendar by as much as 300 years, suggest that regions to the north were invaded by extraterrestrial forces. These alien armies built pyramids, enslaved the people, and battled defiant Asian warlords. Yet another race, indigenous to the same area at that time, stepped into the battle. Gigantic men, 12-feet tall with flaming red hair and leather suits of armor, helped repel the alien intruders. It was a time when the ferocious giants roamed the earth. They saved China—and perhaps the world—driving the alien hordes back into the limitless depths of the void…

Zecharia Sitchin spoke of the Annunaki and other researchers speak of the terrible air and nuclear war waged 25,000 to 30,000 years ago between two advanced city-states located in what’s now northern India and the great Mongolian Gobi Desert.

But few in the West are familiar with another war that raged on between the early people of China, ruthless extraterrestrials, and the fabled red-haired giants from the frozen North Lands: the incredible Chinese-Alien Wars.

Ancient scraps hint at alien war and giants

A horrific war

Scraps of information and myths among some peoples of Northen China and Southern Siberia relate the story of a horrific invasion from the sky when evil gods descended and made slaves of both man and beast.

Bits of information about the war still exist

Although the earliest records of the war that lasted centures were carved, archaic Jiǎgǔwén charactersa written language that modern Chinese caligraphy developed fromthe ox scapulas and tortoise plastrons carved with the historic happenings haven’t survived into modern times.

Jade artifact: faces of alien masters

But the gist of the events and the aftermath were handed down and scraps of some of the earliest records written on rice paper and silk still survive.

Angry ‘gods’ invaded defenseless ancient China

Reconstruction of the invasion

Craft from another star system arrived in Northern China years before the Chinese created their calendar. According to Asian scholars, the Chinese calendar originated during the 14th Century B.C.E. Yet others insist an emperor named Huangdi invented the calendar much earlier. Legends claim it was invented as far back as 2,637 B.C.E.

Faded ancient scroll fragment relates a battle

The official calendar seems to agree with the latter version and celebrates the Western year of 2012 as the Chinese year of 4710. Working backwards from that number the calendar started in the 27th Century B.C.E.

The alien invasion, subjugation, and subsequent war began sometime during the 30th Century B.C.E.

Although no Jiǎgǔwén records remain from that period of time, a 3,000-year-old rock carving depicting the alien invader-masters still exists. A Chinese scientist recently discovered the astounding rock carving near Guangdong, a province on the South China Sea coast. The carving fits in like another pice to the puzzle of China’s reluctant involvement in an interstellar war.

Scientist points out 3,000 year old carving of alien

The depiction of the extraterrestrial also corresponds to the ancient records of them: the aliens were tall, slim, often wore breathing apparatus (helmets) if outside their craft for extended periods of time and the helmets had two or three antennas that were described as slender bamboo shoots by the scribes that recorded the war.

Ancient Chinese disc depicts alien war

After the aliens arrived the people of the region were swiftly forced into labor reduced to slaves to serve their new RT masters. Unlike Sitchin’s Annanukihe claimed the Sumerians and other ancient cultures kept records of their slavery to the sky gods and were forced to mine for goldthe people of what later became China were forced to build pyramids and were taught to manufacture pipes designed to suck some mysterious element from deep within the earth.

Chinese scientists say this pyramid is of ET origin

Hundreds of pyramids criss-cross China. Some scientists from Chinese universities believe at least several of the pyramids are tens of thousands of years old. The structures are mysterious as the ancient Asian culture was not one that would have built pyramids, as the Egyptians and later the Mesoamerican cultures did, and the pyramids served no religious purpose nor had any bearing on the only real industry of that time: agriculture. [For more on these alien pyramids read Alien Base Found At Chinese Pyramid

Many died during the alien occupation and according to what can be extrapolated from the sparse writings, carvings, and regional myths that still linger, a number of uprisings occurred attempting to defeat the alien overlords, but each revolt was brutally crushed.

The Vikings also had legends of the giants

Gigantic saviors appear from the northwest

An ancient race of giants, whose feet may have trod upon the soil of every continent during the days of antiquity, came to the rescue of the oppressed slaves. Traces, even skeletons, mummies and artifacts of the giants remain to this day.

Mummified remains of a red-haired giant in Chinese museum

They were known in the Americas, throughout parts of Europe, Siberia, and Asia: the red-haired warrior giants that wore leather battle armor and stood as tall as 12-feet.

According to surviving mythno written record still remainsthe giants appeared from the northwest and swarmed into the region surprising and warring with the aliens. The giants are said to have been almost supernaturally strong, could pick up aliens and break their backs, and generally terrorized the otherworldly invaders with acts of ferocity, terror, and physical fearlessness.

An Asian and giant alliance drove off aliens

Although the aliens had advanced weaponry, the fierceness and temerity of the red-haired giants, added to the anger of the rebellious Asian slaves, eventually drove the overlords off.

In the 5,000 some years since the end of the war, the aliens haven’t returned, and villagers who still speak of the ancient battles fervently hope the aliens never will…


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    Um… 14ft tall giants battling a race that can travel the stars? You would think such a race could employ hover tanks, or even figure out a version of 20th century .50 cal machine gun. Heck any modern 20mm would shred an elephant. These giants would I assume also be susceptible to oh say, mustard gas? That hard to make for aliens? I can believe in giants as the bible mentions them and skeletons have been found. That they battled aliens and *won* this is a bit much. Someone has been watching Return of the Jedi too much. Those Ewoks even if 15 feet tall would have been destroyed.

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    What did they use the Gold for? maybe to stop radiation or something to do with power
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