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  1. Why are we fighting under the firmament? Flat Earth Panoramic at 18 miles high: 

  2. enri nev says:

    notice if the elites survive & not targeted, it would just be the depopulation of the average citizens.

  3. Let tha mutherF'er burn, burn mf'r burn!

  4. enri nev says:

    I thought the white house told the Pentagon not to provoke China?

  5. Al Garr says:

    Nice! Satellite killers to go with their Mach 10 ship killers. NATO allies must be shitting their pants. At Mach 5, The Iranian PGM had them shitting bricks, as NATO said their is no defense for it. I could imagine the nightmares the DF-21 is giving them. At Mach 10, it would be fun just to see the impact alone shredding a ship to pieces.

  6. Chad Keefer says:

    if our military and government cannot follow basic orders and instructions to keep peace and spare by crossing the 12 mile zone what example does that go to opinion we follow the wrong leaders an live by rules set for no purpose I think that even tho it's our military that ship should have been destroyed in results the same as we go to jail for breaking rules and laws… smdh what is our gov. and military doing to us I think their starting the end of america

  7. wmfivethree says:

    Nobody but "our side" would be dumb enough to start it, but boy would they finish it.

  8. get your emp protection for your electronics ready because if they attack we are in the stone ages for sure. Have a spare computer with backup in a farday cage.

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