Chinese Media Warns U.S.- ‘Prepare For Military Clash’ (Jan.14, 2017 Headlines)


Obama Puts Trump In Hot Seat Over Iran Deal, Poland Welcomes U.S. Troops For NATO Exercise, Palestine Appeals To Russia Over U.S. Embassy In Jerusalem, Syria + More. #SUBSCRIBE

Today, Donald Trump has just appointed the two greatest adversaries of Iran that he could find as US defense chief and a new US ambassador to Israel – James Mattis and David Friedman – two individuals who probably agree with both Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s views that Iran is a threat that has to be dealt with. But the new threat is no longer a military one, but an economic one, presenting an entirely new quandary for Washington, which can’t quite wrestle with the idea that Iran is a country with a modern, reformist group of people who clash with the old, conservative hardliners, unlike Saudi Arabia, which doesn’t show too many signs of ever allowing reform to come from its citizens, rather than a drip feed token model that is spurned by its elite. Iran is progressing. And that is a new problem in itself. And it’s all Obama’s fault.

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo welcomed US troops to her country at a formal ceremony Saturday, saying it was a “great day” that would help ensure Poland’s security.
Some 4,000 US soldiers have been deployed as part of troop rotations to Europe that the Pentagon has said are intended to bolster ties with NATO allies and send a clear message to Russia.

Russia has criticized the continuous deployments as a threat to Russian security.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas discussed the Middle East with Pope Francis on Saturday and said prospects for peace there will suffer if U.S. president-elect Donald Trump moves Washington’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

“We are waiting to see if it happens. If it does, it will not help peace and we hope it does not happen,” Abbas told reporters outside the Vatican gates minutes after 25 minutes of talks with the pope.

Abbas, who spoke through an interpreter, stopped in Rome to open the new embassy of the State of Palestine to the Vatican.

Trump’s promise to relocate the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would upend decades of U.S. policy. Israel and the Palestinians, who are seeking a state of their own, both claim Jerusalem as their capital. Successive U.S. administrations have said the city’s status must be negotiated.

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A new battery of S-400 long-range surface-to-air missiles has been fully deployed in Russia’s Crimea after five months of training, the Russian military announced on Friday.

President-elect Donald Trump’s secretary of state nominee, Rex Tillerson, made waves internationally on Thursday by suggesting that the US should “send China a clear signal that, first, the island-building stops, and second, your access to those islands also is not going to be allowed.”

Suggesting China stop its building of artificial islands and militarizing them doesn’t sharply break with the policy of President Barack Obama’s administration, but suggesting a blockade — or forcefully stopping China from sailing to its land features in the South China Sea — does.

China’s response, at first muted, has come back strong, with Chinese media saying that “unless Washington plans to wage a large-scale war in the South China Sea, any other approaches to prevent Chinese access to the islands will be foolish.”

The billionaire’s election victory has highlighted the prospect he could order the US to pull out of a nuclear pact which Barack Obama signed in 2015.

Trump was very critical of the agreement which allowed Iran to have sanctions lifted on its oil and industry finance in return for the country having its nuclear program limited.

In September last year, Trump said: “Any commander-in-chief worthy of defending this nation should be prepared to stand up on 20 January 2017 (inauguration day) and rip to shreds this catastrophic deal.”

“Considering Trump’s character and that he measures the cost of everything in dollars, it does not seem likely that he would take strong action against our country.

“Enemies may want to impose a war on us based on false calculations and only taking into consideration their material capabilities…

“Such a war would mean the destruction of the Zionist regime (Israel) … and will engulf the whole region and could lead to a world war.”

Bible Prophecy predicts Babylon the Great (America) Being destroyed in one hour by Russia & Iran in world war 3. Donald Trump will be the last president of the united states before the return of Jesus Christ so save the scattered 12 tribes of Israelites and saved Gentiles from destruction.


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  1. They should make gun control more safer somehow.

  2. these damn chinese have been preparing for this day for generations now. they started by poisoning our food, give us electronic products that are slowing killing us, they hardly consume anybody else's products etc… and yet these dumb hicks over here are too busy hating on black people and worrying about some mexican crossing a damn border. What a sad group of people.

  3. Frankie Lee says:

    Communist people wanted war, carelessly talk of wars, and warned of wars, would the Chinese people of her own country rebuke them?

  4. Frank Heard says:

    war and conflict, why ? and who and what people are always at war for one reason to the next, what is it all over ? material gain and authority and power over one another.

  5. Robert Cook says:

    this is nothing more than the NWO GLOBALISTS trying to flex muscles they don't have they are going down and absolutely nothing is going to save them SO DIM WITS SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR THE NEXT ATTEMPT IN 1000 YRS

  6. This time American should be very careful because if wars happens it will be probably on their own soil…and all the Trump administration will sit in Jerusalem far away from US watching their poor puppets soldier getting kicked ass. move from the new president …the ignorants and idiots who support this will died ,live by the gun,die by the gun…and after that we will have a new generation of humanity with I hope this time will have a brain as the history didn't teached our brainwashed citizens the past…let's go for a ride again and see if heaven exist with the biggest suicidal meeting the world has never known. ..zoom zoom……..

  7. Current construction at south Gina sea equal to 13 hover dams, additional 7 will be done in 24 months. Want to know what war is like. Go a rang fire 200 rounds of 7.62mm, then feel your shoulder. Imagine do that for 4 years every day.

  8. REDEARTH371 says:

    Fear fear fear……………lmao………………………… really believe this crap? Since when did we become the weakest power on earth? Oh since our CIC Trump was elected? You fear mongering feminine snowflakes. get up under daddy's wing………I'lll take care of you

  9. Debra Carter says:

    the world wasn't so bad now that Trump is in charged it fucked up

  10. Brya Saver says:

    Americans are so used to being doormats to the world. I love how they get mad at America if another country makes threats to them.

  11. Big mouth Trump likes to make problems with neighboring nation, allied nations and rival nations, funny indeed.

  12. Ace Kitty says:

    Warmongers. Get the fuck out of Europe.

  13. so it's the chinese MEDIA that warned the u.s., not the chinese govt.?

  14. You notice who's sweating don't you?

  15. Mcmahn 1 says:

    The USA condemns others countries as unruly, dangerous,, yet in this country they answer the fucking door with guns drawn,, this place is sooo fucked up,,, you have no place to criticise anybody….please build a wall around America and protect the rest of us…..

  16. Prepare for war, and shoot as straight as possible before the nukes drop! Cheers everyone

  17. Minute Man says:

    when some liberal fool tries to kill Trump ,it,LL spark a war with in,liberals will be purged.
    It would be in your best interest to shut up ,& vote in 4 years.

  18. Lucky Yiw says:

    Come on, the US likes all the big talks and big threats to China. How US nowadays cant even get out of bed in the morning talking about war with China? What with, a walking stick strike over China head? If it will be that easy Trump would have won election long time ago and he does not need to comb his hair the wrong way down to front and flip them back up the side just to hide a bald patch front! Ho.ho.ho

  19. the are more than 1,000 radio and tv stations wotldwide run by tge State departmemt…

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