Choppers Prep For War In NY/NJ – Or Is This For A Super Bowl False Flag?

Live Free or Die

Military helicopters are flying en masse over New York and New Jersey, AT LEAST 27 flying over this OP’s house, in preparation for Super Bowl 48 and who knows what else the ‘illuminati’ might have planned. The photos and videos below clearly tell the story of this police state nation gone mad as the masses gather for their annual gladiatorial feast of glutony. Is a ‘false flag’ in store? The 1st video shares much more from Christopher Greene: “Terror Alert!! Sniper Bowl 2014, Blackhawk Helicopters & A No-Fly Zone.”

Choppers Prep For War In NYNJ – Or Is This For A Super Bowl False Flag


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  1. Ltpar says:

    Well, Super Bow has come and gone and the only roof that fell in was on Denver for four quarters. A big let down I am sure for the conspiracy false flag nuts? Cheer up amigos, when the powers that be decide to dump on us, it will more likely be with the instigating of a collapse of the economy and the dollar becoming worthless. The ensuing chaos would be more than enough justification for nationwide martial law and few would complain, at least on the fornt end. When they came for the guns, then the real fight would get started. Semper Fidelis.

  2. You might want to loosen your tinfoil helmet a little bit 🙂 –

  3. charlesallan says:

    like Hitler’s olympics – or Antiochus’ games – sport idolatry .

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