Chris Christie Takes Bold Stance For World War 3


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was asked at the GOP Debate on CNN how he would react if a Russian plane violated a no-fly zone. He would start World …


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  1. Cookie Nibz says:

    Particularly loved the morons in the audience applauding something they clearly don't get! Wooohooooo war w/Russia, idiots!

  2. MusicMenacer says:

    Jimmy your closing sound at the end of each video sounds like im getting on a city bus or subway. Great content recently!

  3. Chris Christie is probably going to get heart disease and die next year from eating too much shit.

  4. Ryan Swanson says:

    The comedian Duncan Trussell tweeted something along the lines of "Chris Christie needs to declare a no fry zone in his kitchen" after Chris said that.

  5. Anomaly1618 says:

    I hope someday GOPs stop saying idiotic bullshit.

  6. Higgins2001 says:

    Followup question for Chris Christie: so the other day, an American B-52 accidentally flew over some of China's new maritime claims in the south china sea… would they be right to shoot our plane down? Would you be ok with it, since it was a territorial invasion?

  7. Bob Lake says:

    fucking scary assholes you people call "politicians".

  8. I see dead Fascist

  9. Fucking GOPers are just NATO shills

  10. myriadcorp says:

    Jimmy how do I watch this in a full segment instead of blocks?

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