For today’s vlog I decided to do the Christmas Tag 🙂 1. What is your favorite Christmas film? 2. Have you ever had a White Christmas? 3. Where do you usually …


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  1. AmyBeingMum says:

    Love this video Emily!! The envelope of goals on ur tree is a brilliant idea!! Xx

  2. We found out we were pregnant last New Year's Eve. So funny what a difference a year makes ?☺️

  3. Cilantro 22 says:

    So curious to know what part of Canada your from?

  4. Karine Minor says:

    Was Jackson born on September 10th? If so, my son was also born on that day this year and we found out I was pregnant on Boxing Day! He was 7 days passed the due date.

  5. I had my first son on Christmas day….way, way up in the Canadian Arctic. And my second son on New Years Eve. How's that for planning!! (or rather- not planning)

  6. AngelSA1 says:

    Such a great vlog… Wishing you a Merry Christmas from New Zealand. Love your videos xx

  7. MrsO says:

    Love this video. What lipstick is this? Love it xx

  8. Lynn JT says:

    Hi lovely! yes Christmas is all about the kids – haven't been into Christmas until having Bibi x

  9. Elisha Bates says:

    Love your smile pillow ??

  10. Lisa Dixon says:

    Emily….. I absolutely loved this video ❤️ I only discovered you and your channel this year, not long before Jackson was due. I got so emotional when you mentioned and showed the clip of Christmas Day last year, what a fantastic Christmas present that was, to discover you were pregnant. Your Christmas Eve box is stunning, really something to be treasured and used for many years and something the boys will always remember and grow up and tell their partners and families about. ?❤️ xxxxx

  11. You are such a beautiful person, love your videos xxx

  12. Jay Lee says:

    Another great video! Canenglish ?

  13. TheIsa709 says:

    OH shoot! You killed my love for real xmas tree when u said the image of a tree dying inside your house !!! Oh noooo !! Never thought of it that way. 🙁 lol also what do you guys do on christmas eve? Dinner you 5 or you someplace what do you cook? Lol

  14. where's vlogmas day 7 and what is it about EMILY NORRIS NO.1 FAN OF FRASER CALEB AND JACKSON have your hubby in more vids

  15. I have been to Lapland and your children will love it I was so young but trust me they will love it so much xx

  16. Channel Mum says:

    When the reindeer question came up, it sent minds boggling here, you totally beat us! x

  17. amina hasan says:

    hi Emily! you are such a positive person. I really appreciate how calm you are with 3 boys. Lots of love. I usually don't enjoy vlogs but you are an exception.
    p.s: your videos are so relaxing :)

  18. Canenglish, hahaha love it.

  19. Absoloutley loved this. And can i just say thank you for leaving the questions in the description, Ive been looking for ages just for the questions without written answers underneath!! happy christmas ?☃xx

  20. veggielove84 says:

    aww this is lovely xx

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