Chutzpah – Israeli puppets bully Pakistan


Chutzpah, in Yiddish means ‘shameless audacity’. It could be defined “as that quality enshrined in a man, who having raped a 13-year-old girl is pardoned because as a Holocaust survivor, he had already suffered enough”.

The failed Times Square car-bomb, an Israeli False-Flag operation has provided Ben Obama’s Zionist administration enough “proof” to tighten screw on Pakistan, the only Muslim nuclear power country. Pakistan had been American ally for the last 60 years and helped Washington in establishing diplomatic relations with China in 1957. Pakistani people have resisted every blackmailing tactic to recognize the Zionist entity.

Early this year, France half-Jewish President Sarkozy, under Israeli pressure decided to delay French supply of parts for Pakistani redesigned JF-17 Thunders. In a counter move, Islamabad has delayed the GDF Suez deal with Paris, worth US$25 billion, which would have allowed France to import liquidified natural gas (LNG) for the next 20 years.

The ‘British Friends of Israel’, David Cameron, British Prime Minister during his visit to India claimed that Pakistan while publically working to stablize Afghanistan, is funding the Taliban. He blamed Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI behind the terrorist activities inside Pakistan’s neighboring countries. Interestingly, most of the terrorists captured in both India and Iran, had been found to have close links with Israeli Mossad.

Senator Joe Lieberman is known for raising his skull-cap against Muslim countries – every time there is a False-Flag operation linked to Mossad, from Yemen or Islamic Republic, Lebanon to Pakistan.

Hillary Clinton (both her and husband Bill Clinton’s political career was made by the Jewish groups) in an interview with CBS had warned Pakistan of “severe consequences if a terror attack against the US would ever be traced back to Pakistan”.

The recently revealed Pentagon ‘secrets’ aka Wikileaks are not much different than the Pentagon Papers, which were revealed to the the Israel Hasbara mouthpiece, the New York Times by Daniel Ellsberg in 1971. The main idea behind such ‘leaks’ is to divert public attention from the real culprits behind America’s foreign wars – the Zionist lobby groups. These wars also benefit the US armament industry and the foreign contractors. Currently, there are 14,000 foreign contractors. By the next year, the US will have upwards of 220,000 to 250,000 US government funded employess in Afghanistan.

Gordon Duff, the Editor of Veterans Today wrote: “Wikileaks leaves a trail of stench from Mr. Assange right to Tel Aviv. If anyone couldn’t see it, the corporate press or the Israeli press or the Zionist press or whatever the current buzz word is for the useless press, they put you on the path. They are the ones putting a spotlight on the disinformation and failing miserably to note how obviously the leaks have been edited to serve Israeli games……”



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  1. TheAZCowBGoy says:

    The more I learn about Jewish warmongering, murder, maiming, theft of Palestinian lands and water resources, the more I pray for Iran to get its BIG ONE and sweep these low lives under the carpet – hopefully, this will not destroy all aquatic life in the Meditarannian – but, with these venomous vermin, one never knows.

    Tombstone, AZ.

  2. Shams says:

    I don’t know why we get such infuriated on the comments of these western leaders because they have never concealed their hostility towards Islam or Pakistan. It is us the most disgraceful nation on earth who seek for their aid like hungry dogs with a dripping tongue. They are hostile to Islam and Pakistan and they are bold enough to express these sentiments from time to time it is us the shameful creatures who bomb our own population for a few million dollars while the whole nation watch the show in their cozy houses on the TV screens. Let us not blame them for our disgraceful acts and attitude we have shown that we deserve this and much more.

    • baba jee says:

      You have said the truth …. But nothing will ever disturb these pathatic creatures living in Pakistan to do the right thing … maybe someday, they will realize that what was being said was true and correct.. we only have to blame ourselves for the disgrace and fall of this country.

      Bloody Beggars We Pakistanis

  3. No surprises here: The Zionist Mob and their lackeys have a monopoly on all Terrorism. “Al-Quaida” appears more and more like one of their “franchises”. And about Wikileaks too. It’s clear they are bankrolling a lot of fake “alternative” sites and “individuals” as their tack always has a centrally controlled theme (like the JIDF).

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