CIA Agents Confirm Obama Told Them Not To Aid Ambassador Chris Stevens – The White House Disinformation Campaign on Libya


by Erictronik

UPDATE 3.: SEAL’s father Charles Woods on Hannity: WH officials “murdered” my son…

CIA Agents Confirm Obama Told Them Not To Aid Ambassador Chris Stevens – The White House Disinformation Campaign on Libya


The father of a former Navy SEAL killed in the Libya terror attack last month said Friday that U.S. officials who denied a request for help while the diplomatic compound in Benghazi was under attack “are murderers of my son.”
Charles Woods was reacting to accounts by Fox News sources that a request from the CIA annex for backup was denied by U.S. officials. His son, Tyrone Woods, was killed in the Sept. 11 assault.

“They refused to pull the trigger,” Woods said. “Those people who made the decision and who knew about the decision and lied about it are murderers of my son.”
Woods said he forgives whoever denied the apparent request, but he urged them to “stand up.”
Sources also said Tyrone Woods and others, who were at the CIA annex about a mile from the U.S. consulate, ignored orders by their superiors to stand down and not go to the consulate to help. Woods went to the consulate, and hours later he was killed back at the annex.
Charles Woods said his son’s action “does not surprise me.”
“I wish that the leadership in the White House had the same level of moral courage and heroism that my son displayed,” he said.


UPDATE 2.: BREAKING NEWS!!! Obama a Hitman or Terrorist Arms Dealer??? Why He Hid the Truth of Benghazi…

Published on Oct 29, 2012

Was Obama finished with our Ambassador to Libya where the Arms Trading was concerned???? Did he believe Chris Stevens was going to go public with what he knew about this administrations illegal trading of weapons to the enemy??? Was this like the dreadful murderous colladeral damage of ‘Fast and Furious’ ???The Turkish leader left the meeting he was having with our Ambassador 1 hour before the attack without being touched, while the building was being watched by the attackers, according to the reports coming from onsite officials at the time, to the white house and to the internet.

The whitehouse WATCHED THE ATTACK on Benghazi go down, via drone recon. They were told as it went down it was a terrorist attack and while it happened THE WHITEHOUSE WATCHED OUR PEOPLE DIE FROM THE SITUATION ROOM!!!
And then lied about it!!!

Hillary Clinton said the buck stopped with her, taking the fall after the lies were being outted and blame had to be placed. I have always said,it is a deadly dangerous business to be one of Hillary Clinton’s ‘friends!!!’ Any ‘friend’ of hers involved with the Whitewater Scandal could tell you that, if any of them were alive today! Every last one of them, even the ones who went to prison, died mysteriously! Remember Vincent Foster… Foster’s death became part of a broad investigation of President and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s financial dealings in Arkansas when Whitewater records were discovered to have been in his office six months after his death. He was found sitting up – dead – in Virginia State Park. Some theorized he died elsewhere, was wrapped in a carpet and brought to the park. Strangely, his death was ruled a suicide.

I said it on the day this took place, and I will say it again. This is a false flag. It had nothing to do with a 13 minute Youtube video. But for the public to know who the terrorist was who did it, would point the finger at the person who sold the terrorist the weapons to do it with!!! And that would be inconvenient just now. As he is trying to win a presidential election!


UPDATE 1.: CIA agents confirm Obama told them not to Aid Ambassador Chris Stevens



Published on Oct 29, 2012

CIA operatives have now confirmed that they were told by the Obama Administration to hold back and not come to the rescue of Ambassador Chris Stevens or the other 3 USA officials butchered in Benghazi Sept 11,2012.rescue

[youtube] uFf0dUH3OtU[/youtube]

John Christopher Stevens was an American diplomat and lawyer who served as the U.S. Ambassador to Libya from June 2012 to September 11, 2012.














After American diplomatic facilities in Libya came under sustained assault by militia forces, the Obama administration – including the president and Secretary of State themselves – spent days insisting that the attacks were a spontaneous reaction to an obscure YouTube video that insulted the Muslim prophet Muhammed.

The intelligence community was incensed at what some called a “cover up” of the administration’s mishandling of the situation.

As more information trickled out, the administration was eventually forced to admit that the attacks that claimed the lives of Amb. Chris Stevens and three other Americans were acts of terrorism.
But the “cover up” hasn’t stopped there. Information continues to emerge suggesting poor preparation for the anniverary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, and potential disregard for the safety of personnel there. Stevens requested a prolonged stay for a 16-member security detail there, for instance, but that request was denied.

The Obama administration owes the American people a full, honest explanation for its actions in Libya. Its rhetoric does not match reality, as Heritage’s new video indisputably shows.

An Incriminating Timeline: Obama Administration and Libya

The latest incriminating information on the U.S. consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya indicates that the State Department turned down a request for additional security from concerned U.S. embassy staff.

New evidence shows there were security threats in Libya in the months prior to the deadly September 11 attack that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. Despite these threats, the State Department left its personnel there to fend for themselves.

And when the terrorist attack did take place, the Obama Administration peddled the ridiculous story that an offensive, amateurish, anti-Islam YouTube video was to blame in order to avoid characterizing the murders of four Americans as terrorism.

On October 2, a letter was sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R–CA) and Jason Chaffetz (R–UT), Chairman of the National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations Subcommittee. The letter detailed 13 known security threats against U.S. facilities in Libya in the six months prior to September 11.

On October 10, the committee will hold a hearing on events in Libya and seek answers from the State Department. Also on October 10, The Heritage Foundation will host a public panel discussion on the events in Libya titled, “Intelligence and Security Failure: Attacks in Benghazi and Across the Middle East Reveal Ongoing Threat of Terrorism.”

To help our readers follow the path to tragedy on September 11 and its aftermath, below is a chronology of key events:

April 6: IED thrown over the fence of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi…


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15 Responses

  1. Leo says:

    @Black dog . I would have to agree, the only way he is going to be removed is by assassination, that would remove him but not the powers that placed him where he is, you know exactly what I am referring to . right, the American people that placed him in office are idiots . there have been efforts to remove Barry from office, some by the U.S. military, not all top military brass have aligned themselves with Barry . the CIA is upset with Barry as well which I will not go into at the moment .

  2. black dog says:

    you guys can talk till you blue in the face, this man can do no wrong. he isn’t going no where. if he wants he can be prez for life. the idiots are the American people that (so called ) elected him. which to me is a scam by itself. he is worse than bush. this guy is a dickhead. get him out of the white house. now.

  3. Elaine says:

    The limb I am about to crawl out on may break; but this is what I think is actually already going on.
    He is funding terrorists; and they are “loyal to him”. Hmm, is that why he has now bugged his own phone so he can tell who uses it; or he wants NO ONE to use it? (play with that’ll probably be right).

    I’ve read articles that try to tell us our Government has been “infiltrated” by Muslims. It HAS NOT been “infiltrated.” He invited them in the front door. , He has Muslims loyal to him and him alone.

    I do believe he was part of the attack on Benghazi; and felt sure that the entire operation and future plans would be revealed if he allowed the Ambassador and others to live.

    Supposedly, there is to be a Million Man Muslim March on 9/11.
    I fear he will use that day to announce, in some form, that we are a “Muslim Nation.”


    • doesntmatter says:

      who’s going to try and refute the obvious??

      • Elaine says:

        He made a campaign promise when he was first running for office that he would always be “Transparent.”
        Welp! It looks like he kept that promise.
        He hates the USA. He hates Americans. He IS working very hard to take the country down!

        • doesntmatter says:

          but, we know….and if you are an american older than 40, then i would like to personally thank you for playing your role in being the good little complacent head in the sand american you were, and allowing our government to become what they are. because of ppl like you, we now have no hope. so you are a day late and $1 short with your already well known facts….might as well have a seat with a mirror, and comment to yourself.

          • Elaine says:

            I don’t who the hell you think you are talking to! My head HAS NEVER BEEN IN THE SAND. I am 67…and I have kept up even more closely since Kennedy was shot (I was a junior in high school and KNEW it had to have been someone in our own government..

            Don’t you EVER blame those over 40. You just made an ass of yourself!

          • mabel vassar says:

            Don’t pit people against each other,that is what the ptb want!

  4. TheAZCowBoy says:

    Reichwing rats in the CIA prove nothing with their lies and half-truths except that the CIA ‘war criminals’ are lower than dirt. Jose Rodriquez, (CIA ghoul in charge of torture a t Bagram) showed his (((smug))) dog face on 60-mimutes last year ‘singing the phrases of CIA terrorism’ and then had to go into hiding. East LA punk may be a hero to the KKKer’s in the CIA/Pentagon death squads – but, he’s not doing any quincenerias’ in his old (((stomping) grounds, fer sure, fer sure.

  5. Elaine says:

    I have NO doubt this is true. I, honestly, do not think we know everything yet!
    We already know he sold arms to our enemies. That in and by itself is Treason….BUT! There is more! It will come out. Hide’ ‘n’ watch!

    For him to tell the Military that could have been there to save them to “Stand Down”?
    There is MORE … a LOT MORE!

  6. doesntmatter says:

    WE GET IT….

  7. Leo says:

    If this article is true, and if the intel is Accurate, Ramifications abound . but then know one has the balls to stand up to this guy Barry and his private army . those in the loop know what I am talking abound

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