CIA Is Using Afghanistan Against Neighbors


A suspected US role in the region is now confirmed. Welcome to the biggest CIA base in the world.


The downing of a surveillance drone in Iran and missile attacks in Pakistan confirm suspicions that CIA is using Afghan soil to wage wars against neighbors. Russia and China are also exposed to US espionage from Afghanistan.

CIA is not only violating international borders but it has invited other spy agencies to do the same. Intelligence operatives from India, Jordan, and other US allies are encouraged by CIA to violate the law and enter Pakistan without permission. On 31 December 2009, a suicide attacker at a secret CIA outpost on the Pakistani border killed American and Jordanian spies. The embarrassment exposed how CIA and other spy agencies were jointly violating Pakistani sovereignty.

This is a key reason behind CIA and US military’s reluctance to leave Afghanistan. CIA has established intelligence outposts that target Iran, Pakistan and China, all immediate neighbors of Afghanistan.

The United States is quietly increasing Indian military and intelligence footprint in Afghanistan, which doesn’t even neighbor India.

Although American people have no appetite for more wars, CIA planners believe it would be a mistake to let go of a piece of land like Afghanistan that allows US spies to hide in the backyards of major powers in the region like Russia and China.

This secretive war by the CIA has not been sanctioned by US Congress and is illegal under international law. CIA officers who served in the region are open to murder charges because actions beyond Afghan borders violate the UN mandate for Afghanistan post-9/11. Rights activists in Pakistan are using this legal hole to pursue American gents in Pakistani courts.

For the same reason, legal experts working for the federal government in Islamabad have finalized recommendations for criminalizing CIA under UN and international law. Pakistan is contemplating internationalizing CIA violations in the next few weeks.

Suing CIA and US government for extrajudicial killings can open the door for copycat lawsuits covering a decade of CIA excesses and human rights violations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan’s tribal belt. In fact, the situation is so bad in the Pakistani tribal region that there are reports about fatwas to target any CIA agent in Afghanistan and Pakistan in retaliation for killing thousands of innocent Pakistanis and Afghans as ‘collateral damage’.

Pakistanis evicted CIA from a small airbase last week that was suspected of being used against both Pakistan and Iran.

Afghan insurgents have long talked about seeing US-run training camps inside Afghanistan where terrorists and saboteurs train to infiltrate Muslim regions of western China.

CIA and allied spy services have established terror training camps to send saboteurs to Iran. Terrorists in Pakistan’s Balochistan province are fully backed by US government and intelligence. At least one if not more of those terrorists were shifted to Switzerland earlier this year after Pakistan exposed their safe havens in Kabul.

These and other actions by CIA are evidence to the double game that the United States has been playing in Afghanistan since 2002 which has alienated an ally like Pakistan.

A huge debate ensues inside Pakistan’s policy making circles about how the nation blundered in helping the Americans entrench themselves in the region with Pakistani help. Today the US is the single biggest cause of instability and war in the region. American scaremongering about Al-Qaeda presence and strength in the region is widely believed to be a smokescreen to avoid leaving Afghanistan.

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  1. Endgame Resetter says:

    Hopefully the Almighty will destine some of the still available loyal servant of His to defuse all the nuclear in the world maybe through hacking, so that the impact of the destined WW3 will not be that devastating when fought conventionally, Ameen. That’s my pray to everybody regardless of your religion.

  2. Tim says:

    It has taken many years for these particular events to go public. I have been lost as to why this “news” hasn’t gone public for many years. Surly people have figured this out long ago.

    Look at it this way. Now that it is out in the open and it is not to be denied, there is now only one logical conclusion for all of this. Yes, it is World War 3 (WW3).

    It gives no doubt that China and Russia along with others will either have to find cause to attack at NATO and the “North American Union” (Once called The United States of America.), or we will have to go in full attack mode at them. Either way it will begin big time very very soon. All who are involved do already know this.

    A cataclysmic tragic event of biblical proportions and much more IS most likely to occur at any moment. You are now forewarned.

    The war up until now has been pretty much papered over and the truths hid. Now with everything in the open this gives purpose for FEMA camps and the likes. One can see the American people rioting first about all the deception and outright lies from their purported leaders. The American people do not want an escalation of war but it will be shoved right down their throats anyway.

    The laws that have been passed, the rights of people having been taken away from them, The Constitution being trample on and made almost completely obsolete. Yes people, all evidence points to a few logical conclusions. If you don’t know this by now and you have been doing your homework, then there is not much more that can be said.

    Prepare and activate! They will be coming after you and your families very very soon. Protect yourselves, and protect your families, and protect your true friends. And, may you know how to differentiate.

    May the God of Heaven be with us all and have many mercies. Jesus Christ and the HOLY BIBLE has warned all of us as to what is and what will be. Please read the King James version of the Holy Bible even if you have to sell something to buy one. You will find all these things written their if you are not suffering from a hardened heart or such. You sincerely have to let God reveal all truth to you as He deems you need it.

    God bless all of you, and good day.

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