Ciaran Clark and Mo Diame sign for Newcastle United


Newcastle United have made two more additions to their squad with the arrivals of defender Ciaran Clark and midfielder Mo Diame.


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  1. it really sucks that as much as i love newcastle i havent managed to watch a single mathc live, I dont come from the wealthiest of families here in the U.S. so i have basic cable and i dont get any newcastle matches and if i do, im not able to watch them anyways because im the only football fan in my family so no one else likes to watch matches so im never able to watch them

  2. Andy says:

    Diame will offer more than moussa

  3. Welcome Ciaran and Thank you Mo for your decision! Can't wait to see the both of ya playing at St. James.

  4. Coleman_XD says:

    That was an intense 9 seconds looking into Mbemba's eyes?

  5. Welcome to the toon! Happy about these

  6. Bramer08 says:

    that intro is hilarious

  7. Fucking hell that Mbemba stare

  8. Jesus Christ cheer up Mbemba lol

  9. Why does Mbemba look like he wants to kill me?

  10. Savaresh says:

    And still a possible 2-3 more signings according to Rafa from his interview 30mins ago on BBCNewcastle.
    Rafa said Knockaert would be a difficult transfer so that is likely dead but who knows.

  11. NUFC TALK says:

    Mbemba.. serial killer

  12. Tom Acklam says:

    Well done guys you have secured a brilliant signing in mo Diame been a legend playing for hull he will get your team back to the premier next season good luck ( hull city fan)

  13. KDM8 says:

    was waiting for mbemba to do/say something but no,, fucking hell that was a scary 9 sec..

  14. Lambyboy 101 says:

    Why is the starting player look like they are going to kill themselves get it off please

  15. Tazbio says:

    Mbembas going to kill me lmao

  16. Tom Harrison says:

    More vlog like videos please

  17. Leigh Final says:

    there wont be any up your own arse shite from this guy, unlike sucksocunt..Feels great to be a Toon fan right now

  18. dont fuck with mbemba

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