Cigar-Shaped UFO Over Korosten, Ukraine


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  1. james moore says:

    I was camping and seen one and minutes later it land right next to me in a open field.I went up to the strange ship a hatch opened and a strange creature came out he shook my hand and started speaking in a strange language. Then turned around got in his ship and took off I think it was ET

  2. Amazing many Cigar-Shaped UFO in NASA Photo are flying above Japan.

  3. Jack Striker says:

    I saw one of these in the 80's,it was very high and hung there for a very long time without moving at all then after a while it started to slowly go from lying long ways to straight up.It was there so long I got board of watching it.Two other people were with me.Absolutely no good explanation what it could be and why it just sat there like it did.

  4. zoodiac57 says:

    there's one tiny problem with this kind of videos. logic tells me if I see something extraordinary and I'm able to capture it I'm going to be recording it for as long as I can . not just for one minute. who cares if people will get bored by watching it for 10 minutes? or whatever even an hour. it's just doesn't make sense to stop recording. and they always do… 🙂 ain't it strange 😀

    also if I saw an UFO I'd try to get closer to better see what it might be. but I guess it's just my stupid logic

  5. LazuX Tech says:

    woww! nic photoshop

  6. confirmed by who exactly? ??

  7. Rod Sookhoo says:

    I was witness to this similar craft at around 6:00 AM ET here in Celebration, Florida. Working the graveyard shift and just as the sun was coming up, I went outside and admired the beauty of a Florida sunrise. When I squinted and was able to clearly identify the slow coasting craft as captured here.
    I tried to capture a photo as well as video, however, it was in front of the rising sun from my angle. The phone video was only capturing the sun glare. Look up in the sky by the sun early AM.

  8. Chris Fox says:

    I saw a much smaller object in the usa on march 6th. It was a bright light that spun and turned into 4 lights and moved slowly over the street i was driving down. When it got to the opposite side of the road, it just sat there floating about 50 feet off of the ground. It was close to midnight and i was the only person driving at the time because of the snow we had the day before. It was pretty fucking spooky. It looked to be about 40 feet from end to end.

  9. BamBamRoo says:

    My dad saw one in real life.

  10. Jeff Car says:

    If Ashtar willing to show the world we living is a fantasy…then shall make evidence or broadcast it to the world that they really exist in a nice diplomatic solution so that everyone don't panic. But again some bias people will react to this comment due to hypocrite idea. Please remember its just only comment and I dont hurt anybody for what they believed.

  11. Yvan Herrera says:

    3000 foot long Star ship this was confirmed to be Commander Ashtar from Sirius watching over us to help prevent WW3

  12. going4u2 says:

    I watched the cigar ufo, but it was gold or bronze in color. It was sitting in a cloud about 15000 feet. The cloud started to light up like lightning in it and then suddenly this cigar ufo came out and went to the next cloud over. The original cloud it was in, then had a passenger jet fly through it just at the moment the cigar ufo entered the new cloud. I wacthed the cloud it was now in for 45 minutes as it drifted away and the ufo never came out.

  13. e7t4e says:

    Коростень Население 65 457 (1 апреля 2013) человек. 
    еще видио!!! или peaceDoorBall 🙂

  14. Looks good, also top right at the beginning a sphere, later when he pans out its gone.. just saying.

  15. It's happening people, just go with it , there's really nothing you can do about it anyway! Peace.

  16. d3r6k1 says:

    Also like to add, that while me and my friends were looking up at shined really bright for a second and then was visible again..i told my friend it must've been a glare from the sun.but I said that as excuse because I really was freaked out about the whole looked white and silver but cigar/rectangular shaped..

  17. CRINGE FACE says:

    Moves the glass slowly (Adamski stylo) .

  18. Dude, when i flight back to germany, i saw exacly something like this. But much longer.
    I was so creeping out.

  19. Я эту хрень тоже видел

  20. TheAbsurdist says:

    God is playing a game of Brick Breaker, must be a slow day in heaven. 

  21. Frank201281 says:

    I understand that this type of ship belongs to the reptilian race that lives on our planet. I have seen when I search for asteroids in ateroid zoo .org

  22. joe biden says:

    should pick me up one day.

  23. thericate says:

    doesnt look alien since its too slow and goes in 1 boring direction. probably secret military plane maybe reverse engineered by aliens

  24. I saw this UFO in Chicago during a storm i was looking up at the lighting and that's when i saw it it was going really fast i was Amazed!

  25. PissyDuck says:

    This is real when i lived in Ukraine i saw it its real. it was freaky

  26. Illuminalien says:

    There were no strange maneuvers made by this craft. Lets not all jump to ALIENS just yet..

  27. well i have seen two of these 23 yrs apart in the uk,they are really fast, just a blip and their gone.

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