cinematic orchestra arrival of the birds



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  1. nsfa19 says:

    I love this song. It fills our hearts and souls with joy and happiness. Wonderful song!

  2. The music, almost as though it were magical, transported me to the edge of the universe. And it was there that I first laid my eyes on her. It wasn't long until I realized that I had been staring …and she was staring back with a captivating dazzle in her eyes. I smiled and she returned the gesture with a twinkle in her smile. I held her hand and with a touch as soft as a mother's love for her new born, the connection was instant. Not by the hand, but a heart to heart connection, so deep, so perfect, with no end. From that moment I knew that our lives were intertwined. From that moment, I knew what we had was there in the past, in the present and in the future……we were one then, and one forever!!!

  3. клллллллллас!!!!!!

  4. Those cellos are beautiful

  5. THANK GOD for this song!

  6. 90% of people here know this melody thanks to The Theory of everything… I'm the only one who associates it with Acqua di Gioia 2010 spot?? 😛 anyway…. truly amazing!!!

  7. One of the most beautiful, overwhelming things I've ever heard.

  8. How can a piece of music evoke such unfettered joy and abyssal melancholy at the same time?

  9. Jose Correia says:

    one of the bests sounds ever made for mi

  10. Stupendo! Davvero un pezzo grandioso!
    Wonderful! A really great music!

  11. How I sincerely wish this outstanding piece of music was longer. Joy, hope, divinity should not be so short! 🙂 HOPE.

  12. teok umad says:

    Apparently I'm the only one who was wanking off with this track before it was used in any film / advert. I knew it just from The Cinematic Orchestra themselves, theyre great and mostly playing other styles btw XD

  13. robotic voice

    " Look what we made "

  14. Theme song for my life goals.

  15. The 2014 short film Bound for Greatness brought me here.

  16. KimiN1 says:

    Hamilton and Alonso never together brought me here

  17. Always provokes goosebumps all over. Simply magical. Thanks

  18. RZK GAMING says:


  19. Sam Sammy says:

    Adam Rippon <3

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