Clinton Insider: We Are One Mistake Away From World War 3


Alex Jones talks with Clinton insider Larry Nichols about the escalating tensions between the United States and Russia. Help us spread the word about the …


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  1. freewaylee says:

    NATO = UN = IMF = Trilateral Commission = Council on Foreign Relations = Rockefeller = Rothchild = NWO

  2. They are Trying so Hard to Start a Full Blown War with Russian.Which would B such A Hugh Mistake///

  3. nino cash says:

    Haha cut the man off just so he can push some product lol topical

  4. Cher 4 president!!!

  5. Junk Head says:

    Jewmerica in full retard mode, send US troops to the other side of the globe worried about the Ukraine's border in Russia's back yard, all the while leaving the US border wide open.

  6. David Nelson says:

    Sorry, I think he is old school thinking. Watch the hours and hours of Putin conferences and question and answer sessions. He doesn't want to create the Russian 'empire', which was nothing other than moving into Central Asia and not west. He wants to preserve the Russian culture, the Russian way of Life and to support Christianity as the cornerstone of Russian culture. His answers at those marathon sessions are either bizarre elaborate lies or he is just speaking what he thinks–Russia has a culture and he wants to see it flourish. Frankly, he is speaking exactly what he thinks and means.

  7. David Nelson says:

    And who is threatening who? NATO is moving to the Russian border! What is with this guy? I think Trump wants to pull back from this sort of 'Russian roulette'. Trump wants honest trade, Putin wants honest trade. It does seem we are close to war, but it is not a situation that Trump would want. What is this guy even saying. Putin is afraid of Trump because he will demand NATO pay up and our alternative is the current policy of threatening Russia. Some choice. This guy is too much into seeing only power relationships and does not understand the resurgence of Russian culture which is positive. Russians like Putin not because he is a reincarnate Czar, but because he espouses and administratively supports Russian culture and society. This is why Europe is falling apart because national European cultures are being destroyed and people know it.

  8. the scary thing is they think this system we live in now is sustainable,, dominion and order are necassary for the people of this world but the fact is it must be appropriated just like everything else… we must use certain devised tactics to get people on the same page on where society must go,, however where is the direction we must take it??? the worlds one truth is there must be a balance between city and garden life, that way life around us can be sustained for our grandchildren.. but we are in trouble there must be balance between cities and gardens even on a local level because we cant just rely on food 100s of miles away to feed us forever and what about the local rabbits,,squirrels, and wild animals ??<< will u just watch as they die off because they have nothing to eat because no one lets at least half their grass grow <<<(that becomes rabbit food) .. what happens when oil runs out and i think it will because i believe God only made a certain amount of oil because of its toxicity to the land.. inner cities must preprare to sustain themselves soon oil will run out the signs are already showing, theres a reason Revelations say 1/3 of bareley will cost a denarious and1/3 of the animals will die.. revelations is warning saying certain systems can fail and if we do not prepare earth and the things around us and preserve them with certain tactics/schemes then we will end up with nothing and leave nothing for our children… the truth is we need the government and the tools like the tv and radio to get us on the same page on how we will save earth and to devise better tactics and labor forces to balance/appropriate the land,, we have enough city and roads connecting us now its time to use the land to its full potential and find a balance between how we use cultivated land around us that way the all living things that live off the land can have a sustainable future,, this is my main concern and should be every1 elses,, i cant just watch as the wild animals die off around us,, because we have left them nothing,, i dont want this great inheritance earth a gift from God to be squandered and not used to its full potential because of greed, selfishness and ignorance,,, tbh ignorance is the biggest enemy we face

    btw the scary things yall are seeing with storms and stuff is a sign showing that if yall keep destroying the living earth/mother nature like this (something God worked his whole life to make and left as an inheritence to us) u will find out just how real these forces are that can destroy earth as we know itonly a fool would ignore this wise man's warning and truth,, God has taught me these things,, also feel free to talk about these ideas and make videos for urself,, influence is power

  9. Red Star says:

    God bless Larry Nichols. Please speed his recovery.

  10. Roger Bonner says:

    Putin needs to wake up and kick ass. This sounds like full scale military nuclear maneuvers to take out Russia.

  11. Yeah Russia isn't doing anything but defending itself. It's bullshit they were our biggest friend in World War Two then intently our enemy after.

  12. Andy M says:

    Larry ………. have you tried the CBD oil? or medical Marijuana? and if you have had chemo you may want to look into Sodium Dichloroacetate. Im not giving medical advise just offering something for you to research i have read good things about. Good Luck Brother.

  13. Ok- I'm not a robot so I'll say it…Alex, keep speaking your truth!

  14. Mary Luxkarl says:

    Bro, WW3 started on 911. Catch up already, BEGIN to catch up.

  15. ihumanity7 says:

    I think what Larry is getting at is Russia is freaked out about either candidate but is much more terrified of Hillary's insanity.

  16. Mike Huberts says:

    lets rock this go Trump!

  17. ihumanity7 says:

    What you don't understand Alex is for a strategy to be effective it can't always be told live on air. That's why the dude needs to talk with Trump personally.

  18. ihumanity7 says:

    I don't think Trump has the best in his immediate campaign so that makes me concerned about who would be his cabinet members because they will determine much of his presidency.

  19. end of the world…i dont care anymore!!! pray and be ready.

  20. Macsk8ing says:

    No matter which way you look at it, Putin is hot.

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