CNN – Russia Invaded Ukraine World War 3


CNN tell the world that Russia Invaded Ukraine.


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  1. Jerome Brend says:

    this is a repost

  2. cnn say same think shit aubut me usa world were nuke all mother fuck porn ainme use russia super powerful sepetmber 11 2014 you money make people sick hate kill each other not statan all world powerful war world 3

  3. same think shit abut me hospital be you firend you need help or die fuck ass hole war sopt hospital war world 3 ainme same many time st josepth hospital hate him give pil, shit i was got people luaght at me look water dity eye see were peins ulgy blood clean toilet bad people war porn world 

  4. xadatch says:

    Путин, ты Каддафи-2, сдохнешь под забором

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