CNN’s Amber Lyon Stomped By Police In Chicago Along With Other Protesters


Amber Lyon, whistleblower formerly of CNN, speaks with Sean Stone in this Buzzsaw interview clip released minutes ago about being caught in between protesters and the Chicago police. Why are police across the country SO intent on brutalizing innocent protesters while protecting criminal bankers and criminal politicians? Amber sets the record straight on TheLipTV.

CNN’s Amber Lyon Stomped By Police In Chicago Along With Other Protesters

The full interview with Amber on CNN lies and corruption is in the 2nd video below.

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    I really hate to say this but the time for peaceful protest is over. The majority of Americans are no longer being heard. Instead the Elite are doing what they intend without American compliance.
    Corruption reigns supreme through criminal politics and Elite bought shills.

  2. Uh….really? Those cops were outnumbered 500 to 1. If that crowd wanted to they could have tore those pigs to shreds. But they didn’t so I have no sympathy for them. And as for Amber being trampled, if it wasn’t for her journalist buddies all trying to get in close for a picture, there wouldn’t have been such a crush. They were all clamoring to get a shot in that video. And if I think about it, it’s almost as if they want to cause that on purpose to sensationalize what really doesn’t exist. Kind of like this whole story.

    Yes, it sucks to be a protester these days. Peaceful protest is masturbation. Only a few times has it ever changed anything and that was even a minor success. As recent history has shown us, you must now take things by force. Instead of being lambs to the slaughter of police with no other weapons but your voice, you’re going to get chopped down. You are completely at their mercy. And if you think people are going to care, you are absolutely insane. It might get you in the pants of that little hippy ho you’ve been tugging to, but that will be kind of hard to do if you’re sitting in jail, laying in a hospital, or stretched out on a slab in the morgue.

    While the patchulli and hackysack crowd keep the cops busy, teams of ‘real protesters’, armed and ready for battle should take up positions on the flank of the piggies so they’ll have nowhere to go but down.

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