CNN’s Anderson Cooper caught faking interview in front of blue screen background

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J. D. Heyes

The one thing about technology is that it can come back to bite you at some point. For CNN, that has happened on more than one occasion.

The network became famous for its supposedly live broadcasts during the first Gulf War in 1991, when it sent its journalists – supposedly – to the front lines to cover the drama as it unfolded. In this broadcast, for instance, it appears as though then CNN correspondent Charles Jaco and another reporter, Charles Rochelle, were caught in a potential SCUD attack in the middle of a broadcast.

CNN's Anderson Cooper caught faking interview in front of blue screen background

At one point in the video, viewers can hear air-raid (or, in this case, missile-raid) sirens going off. A graphic at the bottom-left of the screen says, “Saudi Arabia,” while on the bottom-right there is a graphic that says CNN Live. As the sirens wail, Jaco and the other reporter grab “air raid gear” – Jaco puts on a gas mask while Rochelle grabs a military-style Kevlar helmet (why both wouldn’t have gas masks, since then-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had threatened to launch chemical weapons at coalition forces, is not clear – yet).

It all looks and sounds real, of course. But it’s not.

CNN is not news but infotainment at best

The next scenes feature backstage shots of the Saudi Arabia “set” – an entire news crew, complete with fake props.

Turns out Jaco, Rochelle and their crew aren’t in Saudi Arabia at all. They are on a sound set near the CNN headquarters in Atlanta, a faked broadcast that the cable news channel eventually had to quietly admit.

The video contains clips of Jaco and crew clowning around. Jaco holds up a mock SCUD missile with a rag attached to its tail that acts as a rocket “plume.” The CNN reporter goes on to joke about how “they always call an ‘all clear'” when he orders his “burger and fries.” He clowns around about other things as well.

Fast-forward to today. CNN is up to its old tricks, this time with Anderson Cooper acting as the “live, on-the-scene” reporter who is, quite obviously, somewhere else other than where he says he is.

According to radio and TV host Alex Jones, a close examination of this Cooper broadcast, in which the host claimed he was standing in front of a church in Newtown, Conn., at a funeral for one of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

A close examination of that footage shows that, at one point, Cooper’s nose disappears, a result, Jones says, of using a so-called “blue screen” backdrop – a technological prop that allows producers to project an image behind the reporter, making it seem as though he or she may be somewhere they are not.

It’s all there, in high definition

“He’s supposedly there, at Sandy Hook, in front of the memorial, and his whole forehead and nose blurs out,” Jones explains in the clip. “I’ve been working with blue screen for 17 years. I know what it looks like. It’s clearly blue screen. Clearly.”

Continuing, Jones said, “I thought, that’s got to be somebody’s doctored YouTube. There’s no way” that could be real.

Jones said he and his staff went to CNN‘s website and found the link “where the whole interview had been posted. It’s been removed. Oh, by the way, just like some of the earlier clips of Robby Parker had been removed, I forgot that.”

Parker is the father of six-year-old victim Emilie Parker, who said he was not angry over what had happened.

Next, he checked a site called, which is a group that archives all such broadcasts. Jones said he found the original CNN footage there.

“It was all unedited, right there, exact same footage in high def,” he said.

InfoWars Nightly News broadcast the clip of Cooper, and it clearly shows the anomaly Jones described.

An unnamed citizen journalist put together the montage after confronting Cooper during his current Anderson Live program and calling him a “liar” after the CNN host denied the allegations he was standing in front of a blue screen during said interview.

Watch the entire exchange here.


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