Coast To Coast AM ALTERNATIVE Hagmann & Hagmann RB – Steve Quayle World War III


Coast to Coast AM regular guests Joe & Doug Hagmann present the Hagmann and Hagmann Report. Providing viewers and listeners information about current …


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  1. Boy, this guy Steve  ….  listening to him makes me I feel like I've just run a marathon.

  2. Thanks for the upload, always appreciated. However, this broadcast isn't from 20 Feb 2014, oh no – it's from a long time ago….it's years old. Could you possibly put a 'first broadcast' date in the title?

  3. uzieric1 says:

    im 50/50 on this show. I do enjoy many of the topics covered. Also when the son reads articles etc. its really painful. he sounds dumb, its like a 2nd grader reading… quite brutal really! feel bad for him when he engages..

  4. kenjams says:

    Steve doesn't pull any punches. Even Jesus said I come with a sword.
    I still say though, I do not subscribe to the changes made by the Scofield Edition to the bible and it's Zionist propaganda.
    As for Revelations,  Jesus did not speak of it himself, so I question it's validity.
    This is the work of the Habiru tribe and Pharisees.
    The ones that call themselves Jews, but are not. Putin is not the enemy here.

  5. Steve Quayle said he's been to Hell? Literally or Figuratively?

  6. Is Steve Quayle one of the Elect? Who here thinks he is? Show of hands.

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