Cockpit video – Boeing 737-200 – landing at Cancun Airport, Mexico.


Many thanks to; Regional Cargo – Noe Castillo – Photograph – Ricardo Morales Night …


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  1. always interesting to me, watching the pilot and copilot act as one control unit

  2. the copilot definitely acts as the stronger personality in this situation, I wonder what responsibility that constitutes for the captain if the copilot were to screw up

  3. markmnorcal says:

    Look Ma! One handed.

  4. That captian was shitting bricks. LoL

  5. foi fácil . pousar assim é moleza .

  6. EDD says:

    Hey, how are flight jobs in Latin America ? Are they hard to come by? What are the chances of a US citizen landing a job for a Latin American airline ? What's starting pay like for an FO? Captain? What are scheduled like ?

  7. Wow smooth landing great job pilot

  8. sobettax3 says:

    Gracias para video

  9. I was wondering if the 737-200 has autothrottle

  10. MWB Gaming says:

    airlines say using a camera during takeoff and landing will crash the plane
    i beg to differ
    this plane had 2 gopros and a cameraman at the same time and it landed safely
    i might play this next time a stewardess bugs me about filming during flight

  11. Wyatt Brown says:

    an all analog instrument panel, smooth landing. good video

  12. palonazo says:

    The fact I hate the most about being a trained pilot in my 30s in the year 2016, is that I'll never get to fly the airplane that got me interested in aviation when I was 12… Lanchile's and Ladeco's 732 "El chancho" flying in and out of SCIE. I'd spend whole afternoons watching them after school. Now I'm about to start flying a lifeless a320. Anyone's got a time machine?

  13. fantastic! one of the best looking western cockpits around!

  14. Boom Slang says:

    Best cockpit vid iv ever seen I love de automated Countdown for de landing

  15. I M FAB says:

    It's all about experience.. But I hate dealing with the electronics things .. A simple mistake can cause a havoc..

  16. Mike Price says:

    What happened to ATC speaking English. If I were flying in that airspace, I wouldn't know what they were telling other aircraft.

  17. old school.This 737 is ancient.

  18. Bill Kelsoe says:

    old is gold.. nuff said..

  19. chrmantilla says:

    People saying the -200 is too old and should not be flying are just demostrating they know nothing

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