CoD World at War 3 player co-op part 03: Peleliu Airfield


Check out Raz’ perspective here! Booya! The return of a classic! After my revisit to the pacific in medal of …


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  1. k0na I love your vids and I want to make a request Marines in a firefight Arma 3

  2. and thay are in a convoy and a IED blows up then reinforcements come. if you do this plz let me take some MC credit like say my name in a vid

  3. Heart Thife says:

    are you playing this on Console or PC is if you're playing on coming so I would like for you to play a game with me on Console if that's alright with you

  4. Where did all of his comments

  5. zach trausan says:

    1:06 was i the only one who heard "GET A HAIRCUT , BONZAI!!"

  6. Yes please, a COD that is fully Vietnam would be awesome.

    Also, despite the fact I've played through World at War loads of times you guys manage to make it entertaining with the commentary and the bayonet killing sprees, nice work.

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