COD Zombies Funny Moments – Halloween Edition!


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  1. Chaotic Kid says:

    Btw evan that's a revolver

  2. Tony Quirke says:

    trick or treat what the hell a monster with a real flame thrower and he's gonna kill me

  3. slimeman03 says:

    2:08 OMG Its Iron-Man!!

  4. thew way nigla sayz 21 is so funny kil

  5. JG Man says:

    It's okay there was only 5 panzers at once, and had a colt, so easy???

  6. 8:33 Yup, I guess that's true, Evan.

  7. Liam Loegler says:


  8. Hensley Moua says:

    ITS A CLOAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Payday 2 alert!! MEEP MEEP MEEP

  9. Take my hand!!!!!

  10. vanoss got cloakerd

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