Coldplay & Beyonce 2016 ILLUMINATI Halftime Show EXPOSED!!!


This online video is a breakdown of the 2016 Illuminati Superbowl Halftime Show with Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars. In the online video I expose the esoteric occult symbolism presented for the duration of this year’s Superbowl Halftime Show.

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  1. mo h says:

    the only deceit u forgot. the greatest of the great deciever, is believing jesus is god.
    and they said lord did we not prophesies in thy name and in thy name cast out devils and do many mighty works. jesus replies I NEVER KNEW U. DEPART FROM ME YE WHO WORK INEQUITY

  2. LemonJuice says:

    Rule the world, lol, when it is «Run The World», you're just hating, not all your info is the truth, i don't believe you. Still think that christians are fanatics.

  3. no body says:

    The thing gets me is these ppl rly think they would inherit a thing including life or eternal or riches at all from Lucifer…he hates humankind specaily females and I doubt the great deciever would stick to any promise of anything as far as ppl worshipping him or thinking he loves gives or is loyal honest or anything good of any sort towards humankind is just sick and sad. Good luck with all that I suppose…LOOK!!! …

    …There it isn't.

  4. This is recommended for people who like to believe in lies stop watching THIS IF YOUR ARE SMART AND DONT BELIEVE IN THIS SHIT BY THE FUCKING WAY IM CRISHT but your still going to watch this

  5. Thanks from Germany!

  6. wow this make alot of sense

  7. Taylor Made says:

    I was just on her YouTube channel! The comments are sickening! The way they worship this devil!

  8. Maria Arenas says:

    Is this guy for real ? Or is this Channel satire

  9. Un Dross Gabacho :v

  10. Tom Bennett says:

    Yet again any Judaeo/christian approach is based on FEAR.

  11. Oh, A bell, It's not like it can't be used in music! Seriously, Your just grasping at straws. Want to know the truth about the illuminati? It was created by a fucking basement dweller trying to cause panic and he is probably laughing his ass off at people like you who decided to over analyze and looks for the slightest hint that something could be connected to another thing that is either religious or the fakeumatti. People like you are cancer on the internet who only throw fuel onto a fire dumbasses like you created.

  12. like srsly just let us listen to the music and enjoy the performance without you spewing BULLSHIT


  14. good videos you have a good perspective on things

  15. Yall haters corny with that Illuminati mess

  16. Queen Bey says:

    Y'all Haters Corny With That Illuminati Mess – Beyoncé

  17. Bob Johnson says:


  18. aerynetje says:

    If you could really sell your soul for fame and money, I would've done so years ago!

  19. I feel like I have to say something after watching this video.

    1. I am sick of religion hijacking the idea that symbols and magic are evil. The symbols that you are showing n this video- are doorways into the human mind. Do you hate all doors because 1 door leads to the basement, and you are scared of the basement? Of course not. You only dislike the basement itself- which is where you are getting very confused.

    Yes- Coldplay and Beyonce and all of these musicians, including the government and even Satansim and people into witchcraft are all using these symbols. They use these symbols because they are the doors into our minds.

    Do you want to know why we have this doorway? It's not to go to hell, or interact with demons- although you can interact with bad entities and like the basement- they exist behind certain doors- but it is not the doorway itself that is evil or bad.

    How do I know this? Because there is life all across the Universe. All shapes, all sizes, all dimensions. There is big life, small life, life around you that you don't even see. Life above you and below you. It's absolutely amazing how much life is curled up into our existence that we never see or here or know about- unless we are brave and walk through the doorways.

    So who walks through doorways- and how to do it and why?

    The Universe is made up of vibrations. Energy. When we perceive that energy, we change the vibration and it becomes waves of energy, and those waves form shapes in matter. Those shapes can be seen in a variety of things- look at a leaf. or skin cells, or a snowflake. Look at the roots of a tree. Look at clouds, look at a map, and see how the rivers look from far away. The shapes- the ones you call evil- are actually natural shapes that form in matter and become the building blocks of lifeforms. These certain shapes, seen in everything from the tree of life, to the golden triangle, to the ratio of pi, are all around us all of the time. Our very own MINDS use these very shapes to connect us to the WORLD around us, because our bodies are only matter- and the spirit that comes through our bodies produces the bodies you see- using vibration and sound.

    Sound crazy? Well, it's absolutely not. It's your biology. You are not just a body, but spirit- not A spirit. You ARE spirit. This special energy communicates with these shapes- and we are not evil- nor good. We are merely echoes of this energy- living off the vibration of an underlying current of energy that has formed the shapes you see in nature- and now is being used by the elite who have this knowledge and used it before your bible was invented as just another way to use these shapes to control you.

    Many believe in the cross and a blood sacrifice is Christian. But the cross is actually the witchcraft you are fearing- and so is the blood you put it with. Welcome to a doorway. This is a door that is used in witchcraft itself- which is why you see the inversion of it in Satanism. It's not because this is about god or the devil. It's just that some people know about the doors, and they have created a perfect reason to get you to open the door. Once these people access your mind through these doorways- you become their slave

    That is why you see who society's becoming enslaved mentally. You see ENTIRE populations falling victim to opening the doorways into the secret recess of their minds – where suggestions and ideology are then left behind. It's called mind control.

    But the doorways are there for a totally different reason. All over the Universe, these symbols are used for other purposes. Here are some examples of what they are used for-

    1.Communication- Please understand that communication is the most important things for higher life forms. The reason humans were left this ancient form of technology- is so that we can join in the universal conversation.

    Originally, mankind was given the keys to the doorways into the spirit so that we could all communicate in the same place- the realm of the spirit. This is where we are all the SAME spirit- the underlying energy that passes into all matter.

    Sound- symbol- and all so convenient because your body is the receiver. Pretty easy!

    But then this technology was stolen from mankind- by mankind! A small group of people decided that this "conversation" with the spirit was too special for everyone. They decided that only SOME people should be able to communicate with the universe and all the knowledge that belongs to everything that lives. So they became spiritual leaders, and started withholding the symbols from the people around them, and soon they became revered.

    Then they became rich- because they used their knowledge to benefit their friends. When anyone spoke out about it- they were killed. Do you realize that Jesus was a person, just like you and me, who merely understood this type of communication, and knew about the symbols? He went to Egypt, he saw things that are now being used today to control and manipulate the population. Back then they might have been using these symbols a little better- to help the population.

    You see- once you open the door into the human mind- you can also heal the body. You can create many changes to cellular structures. Everything in the mind is perceived, and that is how cells work. They are echos of that mind.

    Ever had stress make you sick? That is because your perception of mental sickness has transferred into your cellular structure.

    Jesus knew all of this- you can read his teachings and see that he was manipulating the cellular structure of things.

    He also said- do not use money- because gold is a metal- and it changes your cellular structure. He also warned against symbols- because he wanted people to be weary of them and that they were not being used on our minds.

    However. He was killed- and the small group that silenced him used the symbols to create a very powerful doorway into the minds of all who would be drawn to Jesus and the truth he spoke. You would be drawn to his truth- and then the symbols they used- the cross and the blood- would open the doorway to your mind, and the bible would then indoctrinate you.

    Turns out it worked very, very well. People now became open doorways to whatever these powerful groups let in. That means you are not in control of your subconscious mind anymore. That is why so many people of faith are responsible for so many violent crimes, and why so many people of faith do nothing while there is so much injustice. You will see a person wearing a cross, and then going online for hours watching porn.

    You have to understand this- the doorways are not evil. There is no devil. But there is a cabal of human beings on this planet that are recklessly accessing these doorways- and the results are mental enslavement and worldly enrichment. All things the bible warns you about- but sends you down the wrong road where you will never successfully be able to break free of the spell.

    Here is what you do if you want to break free.

    Go outside. Follow a stream, or listen to the birds. You must open this door to the universe yourself- and these symbols are part of it. Not in using them- you don't have to. They are everywhere in nature. EVERYWHERE> you need only imagine that you are open and ready to receive- since you are actually are already, without even realizing it.

    If anyone is interested in learning more- just ask. I am not a witch. I am just a person. I have had interesting experiences with this doorway that are merely my own biology interacting with the universe. I have also experienced communication with life forms outside our planet with the technology of sound and color, and have experienced true telepathy.

    Remember- our planet is the LARGEST celestial body around. It is channeling energy to us all and that is the first doorway you should open. One of the reasons they want you to fear hell is because it's below you, burning. But that is not hell, that is actually the earth below you, and the first doorway into your mind. Red is the color of y our connection to the earth- it is a sacred color for that reason- and the vibration of the floor beneath you. If you fear hell, you will merely cut yourself off from the connection to the planet- and if you send all of your thoughts upwards- to the God you pray to- you will merely be sending all of your energy up to scatter in the clouds- and be sucked up by that very small group I told you about earlier. It will only serve to leave you with low energy and fractured thoughts. It will make you sick. That is not how we are meant to be.


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