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Now this video clip in this article is a total remake of one of my to start with movies. It hasn’t been online for 6 months and which is for the reason that I failed to like the high quality. These are my motives for believing that Colorado is a essential place for the Illuminati / New Globe Purchase. It may well very nicely be the headquarters for North The usa. Make up your individual head. This is all just speculation on my component.

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  1. KING JAMEZ says:

    red & blue are on opposite sides of the color spectrum, they oppose each other

  2. I can't handle this anymore that's worse then a "Nazi" invasion because you can see who's controlling you but Jesus look at what's happening we aren't 100% sure who is doing all this shit

  3. PartOfYou says:

    Thats for sharing, interesting info. But regarding seal -‘๑’-
    All seeing eye was used way before then on the seals. Backs from 1791.
    Here is my home country Lithuania old city seals:
    If not that eye, other masonic aspects can be seen in every seal.

    Every single town and country has been influenced by Masons, and some of them are more passionate than others and that reflection can be observed in their work/ activity/seals/logos.

     Worth reading book, to learn history and roots of masonry:
     Architects of Deception: Jüri Lina

  4. dannitru says:


  5. All these ppl telling me about PROJECT BLUE BEAM…..
    Listen, please don't fall for their mind control games.


    Project Blue Beam,
    It deals with the religious aspect of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

    The theory suggests NASA and the United Nations are planning to create a new world order by using technologically simulated mind control to shape a global religion.

    Mr Monast believed generating a global religion was the only thing that would make a worldwide dictatorship possible.

    Speaking at a presentation in 1994, he speculated that Project Blue Beam would be carried out in four different steps.

    Project Blue Beam…They say the holographic projections have the potential for changing the planet into oneness with God. Unfortunately, this operates on the premise that Man shall somehow become God in human form and control other Men and dictate all actions and thoughts.

    The calculated resistance to the new religion, the New World Order and the new "Messiah" will entail human loss on a massive scale in the ensuing "holy wars".

    The "BLUE BEAM PROJECT" will pretend to be the universal fulfillment of the prophecies of old; as major an event as that which took place 2000 years ago. In principle, it will make use of the sky as a holographic projection screen for space-based laser-generating satellites (star wars). These projectors will project simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet, in every language by region.

    The project blue beam is just a madness of mind games, just like the
    Mandela Effect, is too. They both are mind games and mind control tools to use against you..and only the sheeple will fall for them.
    Your blue beams are worm holes to other dimentions.

    (I'm From Colorado too).

  6. J. Tannehill says:

    What is your reaction to this information ODD? you live there, you see these things and you try to spread it to get the attention of others. But in your heart what does this tell you? I said in another comment how I was torn on living there. We have family in the springs but they aren't awake and seeing things that go on in the world everyday. Not sure if it's not smart to move there or if it doesn't matter because no where will be safe.? Personal input on that??

  7. Earth Angel says:

    wow. Lived there…..worked in the republic plaza……..this movie gave me chills. ~ nice work! :)

  8. I know this is rather irrelevant, but your editing is fucking top notch!!! Great video!

  9. rose patton says:

    Queen Elizabeth owns all the land around the Denver Airport

  10. You are so funny i hope You make nice money by fucking with stuped ppl

  11. Hey ODD, I'm in Colorado as well. Born and raised in Denver. Have you been to a Nuggets game recently? They redesigned the court and Rocky's intro is pretty crazy (and cool). It references 5280 / 300. Mile High, of course, and 300 days of sunshine. Plus the new logo is totally a FE map. Never mind that basketball is the Mayan Ball Game. Go Nuggets! Regarding DIA, it'd be cool to highlight the NWO Ark (aka Westin Hotel). [Oh, I see you added it to your new DIA video.] My guess is 'they' might have figured out a way to bust through the firmament using tech built at CERN. It might cause a bit of a flood, but we'll be safe a mile high above sea level. They'll blame Global Warming and the government/elites will bunk up at DIA. Great video and I hope to run into you someday. The air up here is clean and pure. I think it helps us think more clearly to grow the truth community! ✌?

  12. Craig Tucker says:

    My ass hole had an eye. You should lick it.

  13. Craig Tucker says:

    lol you mother fuckers are dumb.

  14. All the weird shit in Kubrick's The Shining is questionable, and it takes place in Colorado.

  15. Don't the runways make a swastika?

  16. Since the tools are below the mountains, it could be in-your-face "we dig under the mountains.

  17. You seem to have a lot of the right knowledge. A lot of "awake and aware" people don't go all the way in research. I believe in no planes, and instead holograms and energy weapons. In late 2015, I was in Galveston with my Son, street singing for tips. He was "contacted" by agents with the God voice weapon near a cruise ship, and the message he gave me was for me from them. He doesn't even remember what he asked me. Things he would not have known about my career and past international work. I think I was identified by facial recognition, or by my gate. I became a singer/entertainer and have left the power circles. They wanted to know why I wasn't working in my past field work. I've been wanting to move to Colorado. This life's reality for some is way different than others'. That's all I'll say in detail. I left the country to be a free musician, free from stalking, and being tracked and targeted. I really don't like it. Just want to be left alone.

  18. jaxqnk says:


  19. Vinnie Paz says:

    My interpretation: Red + Blue = purple…Purple reign (Mixture of male/female) ..Transgendered elite

  20. Brian Joseph says:

    Great info, thanks man.

  21. Terpz says:

    stay safe brother i feel like they will come for you 🙁 you speak the truth

  22. Blue Raven says:

    Why do you make such rude comments on other sites? We al have the right to question everything. But we do not have the right to be rude. Please stop!

  23. ShadyBrooks says:

    Crap. I live in colorado…

  24. Mr. T says:

    kind of stretching it here

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