Compare: Obama and Putin Arrive in Hangzhou (China) for G20 Summit. Sep.03, 2016


Obama and Putin Arrive in Hangzhou (China) for G20 Summit. Obama was served air stair without red carpet!


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  1. Akupara says:

    Putin is the BOSS, Obama well lol hes a clown.

  2. horacpinker says:

    No carpet for jumping black rabbit :(

  3. NoLimitKing says:

    Well, what's your point, that Putin is better and therefore got a better welcome? I don't think so. First of all, it's not Obama's fault for being a lame duck because that's how democracy works. Secondly, no one should expect pigs to behave like humans. Whether or not Obama is beginning or ending is term as president, the stupid-ass pigs have to treat him with respect as it is only normal for any country to do so. Sadly, that's what makes them Chinese.

  4. Mr Reset says:

    Obama, the service entrance, please.

  5. Affcot Dever says:

    Putin is king of the world. Long live Russia.

  6. Su Doku says:

    Why a bad leader need red carpet?

  7. Beck Tse says:

    Putin is 1000000000000 X more handsome than Obama .

  8. Big Jay says:

    So funny reading all of these butt hurt people on here talking as if Obama is not a good president or that the Russian President is some how better than him. Is doubtful that Obama cares what any of these individuals do because at the end of the day, he is still the president and is a better president considering the state of America when he was in when he was elected.

  9. fags so easy Chinese and Russian are found are fags

  10. All places where US PRESIDENT has been to He hasn't approved the use of the red carpet ……because of there security reasons…… no alarm about it…… To me it's a non-issue at all.

  11. I can't wait till Trump gets in office it's getting old watching a boy do a mans job

  12. Si Slater says:

    I heard the Chinese provided a mobile stair for the POS but yank security refused it because the driver couldn't speek English, tbh when I heard this and saw the pushing and shoving and Oh exiting through the back door that the yanks were trying to do something nefarious amongst all the distraction, well done the Chinese

  13. Haha – imagine with Hillary Clinton as POTUS – there would have to be a stairlift for leaving the aircraft – how embarassing !

  14. Andy says:

    Next time American president carry their red carpet with their luggage,so nothing to worry any more

  15. andy bbz says:

    putin has hold them until now.he is a hero.Now we need god

  16. Las flores para OBAMA fueron un regalo de COMPENSACIÓN. La actitud del hombre cambian con el tiempo, antes los USA eran APRECIADOS.-

  17. Putin is a dog what he do for you andy

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