Compare! Putin and Obama arrive in Brisbane for G20


U.S. President Barack Obama has touched down on Australian soil to a high-voltage crowd, hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin was subjected to a …


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  1. Mogzupal says:

    I caught the Freemason handshake for Putin.

  2. tibchy144 says:

    0:46 that forearm grab was a breach of protocol

  3. axped says:

    You can always tell which countries are jealous of American Power….just read the comments

  4. Youssef says:

    Poutine paye ses impots, Obama payera ses morts

  5. Thomas Mann says:

    Obama isn't even close , NOT in the same league.

  6. oscillatine says:

    Showing François Hollande (french president) would be much more funny.

  7. I love putin Obama is sucks!!!! Putin in a lemo Obama in a helicopter wtf!!!!

  8. Australia can't keep from licking us ass, sadly… Putin's the man here

  9. Marco S says:

    putin is the man.. obama is just an sick fag

  10. Riz P says:

    Both are different. You give Obama a nice ass and he'll play with it. You give Putin a nice ass and he'll fuck it. What's the moral of the story?… Don't be an ass.

  11. In my opinion Mr. Putin show a hard work, while Obama show privilege …. its a huge gap ;)

  12. Geon Cats says:

    from Indonesia, i love putin

  13. Temp HH says:

    Did someone just left Putin hanging on a handshake ? That's a ballsy move.

  14. serghni ali says:

    putin fucking murder is strike the innocent woman and cheldren in syria

  15. momo Mansour says:

    fuck brisbane,,,,,,,great putin best leader against isis,,,,we will destroy isis and all terrorists….long life assad and putin and xi jinping we will kill all extremists,,,

  16. Putin is weak. Left hanging at the handshake. He pretty much got bitchslapped, and like a pussy, didn't do anything about it.

  17. Felipe B says:

    Obama is the best. Obama is swag

  18. Morbid says:

    Bunch of fuckin snakes that surround Putin. You can cut the tension with a knife lol

  19. O Bum er is the Corporate CEO that administers Australia via the 'Commonwealth of Australia' a private american corporation registered with the USSEC

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