Congress Is Secretly Planning World War III



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  1. Believers, go to and click English. You'll find a lot of answers on your questions.

  2. RUSUK-TT says:

    When are the people going to learn that both the dems and Repulicans are the same group. They are all world government, Just watch Trump as he shakes the hands of the people he puts in power. Then research the Freemasons handshakes. Did anyone notice in the first debate Trump had a Blue tie and Hillary a red dress and the last debate Trump had a red tie and Hillary a blue outfit. The blue and red are the two colors of the pillars of freemasonry. There all together, look up the 10 year old girl who proved all of the Presidents except one can be traced back to the same family. There all related. Has anyone noticed that over the past 30 years nothing changes no matter who is in power, the debt still increases the country turns more away from bible, and this is with many combinations of house, senate and presidency. THERE ALL THE SAME GROUP, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN!!

  3. Photoscots1 says:

    Truth is, Trump aint in power yet so the cabal will try to push as much through as possible before trump takes office. Nevertheless i don't think Trump will do much to reverse the trend of the past decade.

  4. Youtuber JKbugout in just the past few weeks has been giving what he says is a break down of the I Pet Goat 2 video that was published in 2012 on you tube. Over and over in that video it is showing December 3, 2016 as the day D.C. gets nuked. Very interesting if you are of the understanding that dates for events like 9/11 were shown in movies, cartoons etc before the event happened.

  5. Oh Nancy, I miss you so much. You gave your life and your husbands life for us. FYI: and before that you lost a 20 year senate seat, and all you got was a moment of silence.RIP NANCY, we are able to get by. Honest. I miss her, but I'll find her someday.

  6. Thanks a lot for the photo, I will share it. Please review my pages @ Meadows_Marin thanks

  7. I concur with your analysis, except for one key concept.
    I will call it Timing, Pace, and Stage. What I see happening is a very sophisticated, scientifically engineered alteration of reality such that there will not be any ONE event that will be called the beginning of WWIII. We are already in this slow motion war and nobody wants to do anything that will cause all an all-out full scale mass destruction. INSTEAD, I think we will be cowered into quiet submission by the Chinese Drip Torture Treatment, one little economic loss at a time, civil rights infringements will continue without interruption (or effective RESISTENCE) and many small local attacks will accelerate that most Americans will find impossible to decode and will only serve to force even greater compliance. The other subject no one discusses but which is a major development here in this small PNW town. We have accumulated a large army of anonymous "Brown Shirts"…average neighbors to professional Turncoats watching many of us day and night. they move and soy among us. The Janet Napalitano SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING program was cover and the numbers I think now, are frightening. I can say first hand that we have Mexican Drug Cartel spies, enforcers, kingpins, business fences, and they have moved in massive numbers of women and children. Their presence has been institutionalized to such a degree–you know, the ones with certain face tattoos, that I am a tiny minority at the Food Bank lines. I think we have long-standing protection and business development and income sharing agreements with the Mexican CARTELS in CA, OR, and WA States that amount to forfeiting control of this U S. territory. In other words, I believe the Cal-Exit movement is a done deal and I am here to tell you this quiet takeover extends from southern border to Vancouver Canada. I see this internal TURNCOAT and illegal policing function as the basis for FEMA herding when the food supply chain shuts off. we are also being subjected to ongoing chemical "mosquito" spraying and overhead weather modification on daily basis. Everybody is duck a the time and Universal MANDATORY Multiple VACCINE program is next. America had been asleep too long.

  8. robilefoxx says:

    They have been trying for an open shooting war in Syria for awhile. And, Congress is controlled by the Bankers and Elite, who want a war to cover up the financial global calamity. But, President Obama will become an American dictator in an emergency crisis to the Nation; having no Congress to order him to war against Syria and Russia. So, there is little worry that these schemes of Congress will lead to World War.

  9. Ken Putt says:

    Trump is a knight of malta, they are at war against the vatican that controls nato. time marches on.

  10. Just today I read about this in a Russian publication ! (ugh)

  11. Betty Dobson says:

    Thank you for giving out this info!!!!!

  12. P Des13 says:

    The Jews are gonna get there way.

  13. 10 million to Israel a day or 38 billion to fight Israel's wars. I say help America rebuild. (weather) calamities have devastated so many states.

  14. Cannot pull up Blood restore! Link?

  15. Is WWIII being brought about to cover up Pizzagate?

  16. WW III is not Biblical.

  17. I agree with you. I am a 10 year Army Veteran. There is only one wild card, Putin. Is he acting? Ya, I have been watching for it to start. My guess is it will start before Jan 20th. They have to keep their traitor and chief.

  18. world war three is coming look up on you tube albert pike……he will exsplain it all

  19. Its already started. US and lsrael have started it.

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