Connecticut Gun Grab In Full Swing Kicking In Doors Confiscating Guns (unconfirmed)


This is really it folks the Moment you have been waiting for.
Sh*t or get off of the Pot..

The Connecticut state police kicking in doors and arresting people.. total media black out… Connecticut Gun Grab In Full Effect. Media Gag Ordered, Communications are being tampered with. RED ALERT

Connecticut Gun Grab In Full Swing Kicking In Doors Confiscating Guns (unconfirmed)

Dear Fellow Readers,

It is finally happening. The State of Connecticut is going to the homes of registered firearms owners and confiscating guns. I watch and read various news services daily and this was news to me. In fact I spent the last two days trying to find a source to collaborate what I am saying now. I found none.

The story as follows… Several days ago I got into contact with a friend who lives in Connecticut and been on the edge of his seat waiting to see what happens. We talk maybe once or twice a week, so it was not odd to call and not hear back immediately. Well the reason why I had trouble contacting him was because he was arrested by the ATF who came to his house to confiscate his firearms. Not only did they take the banned items but the legal firearms as well. During the search he was arrested for his anger at having jack booted thugs deprive him of his American rights to bear arms. After spending two days in jail, he was immediately gag ordered not to talk about it.

The media also has been gag ordered, and this is bigger then just this. People are having emails and instant messages deleted before they arrive to their destination. People just like you.

This happened to my source, which spooked him quite a bit. He is former military, and had a grandfathered permit for automatic firearms. Needless to say, when what’s happened becomes public knowledge this will be an outrage.

the rest here.

Molon Labe: Connecticut’s Terrifying Start Of Gun Confiscation

The latest gun control law in Connecticut has crossed a very frightening line. A standoff has been created between the government and tens of thousands of gun owners now considered felons. It marks the beginning of an Orwellian new phase. Gun owners saw it coming, as evidenced by their recent adoption in recent years of the defiant expression “molon labe.” The phrase originated from Spartan General-King Leonidas, who reportedly responded with “Come and get them!” to Persian Emperor Xerxes’ demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae. The Spartans fought valiantly, but were ultimately defeated. With the prequel to the Hollywood bestselling movie 300 just released last week, Americans are now even more aware of the phrase.

Until now, gun control laws hadn’t mandated the confiscation of weapons; generally, banned guns were grandfathered in under previous laws so their current owners could continue to legally own them. The Connecticut law changes all that. Passed last year in response to the Sandy Hook shooting, SB 1160 bans so-called “assault weapons” – certain rifles, more recently known as AR-15s, that have been singled out based on purely cosmetic criteria – and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

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  1. If you don’t know your rights, you will not get your rights, if you are not willing to fight for, die for and kill for your rights, you will not get your rights.

    As for what is going on in Connecticut, California and Massachusetts, well folks serfs and slaves deserve no better than their masters allow them.

    Christ died so that you would have the one and only path to eternal life in heaven, not so that you could have your Constitutional rights, those He left in your hands.

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