Conor McGregor RISE TO FAME Documentary 2015 FULL


Conor McGregor documentary detailing the fighter’s unique story and upbringing. With plenty of previously never before seen footage and interviews.


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  1. QrazedGaming says:

    the only part i didn't like was when he said hes the first irish man to lace up the ufc gloves, Thats not true ken shamrock was a UFC fighter about 10-15 years ago

  2. Be Lieve says:

    Where's the link to the 2016 FALL OF SHAME of Conor McTapper?

  3. Pedro Iranzo says:

    49:50 I like this musical theme … what is the name please ?.

  4. He's so down to earth in this documentary, even likable. I like his Irish pride. He may have got a taste of the ego view that guy is saying in the car.

  5. Scott says:

    So here is the welfare recipient a little over a year ago, who beats a couple midgets and starts acting like another arrogant Donald Dick Drumph. Talked shit on Nate Diaz and now has to live with his bionic tapping display. The gall he has talking shit about people who aren't paid as well as they should have been, like Nate–LONG before Tappy McTapper had his quick string of wins. ps. Dana is a shit

  6. John Tyrrell says:

    Tom Egan was the first irishman to put on those UFC gloves.

  7. John Tyrrell says:

    So that fat prick is really Conor on social media?

  8. John Tyrrell says:

    "sometimes it gives you an inflated view of yourself and unrealistic expectation of reality" – lmfao Conor didn't listen one bit.

  9. Lill Erik says:

    why 240 p thou, lol

  10. Incubus311 says:

    Very inspiring. Seems like a good dude

  11. Alex Alt says:

    is their a non potato quality video?

  12. not surprise says:

    rised with a huge line of cocaine!!!#

  13. not surprise says:

    that's the cocaine talking lol he's so high all the. time ofcrouse that's why he never shuts up. he came from money and all you believed him what a con artist

  14. StratZone says:

    240p Come on

  15. the bandits says:

    yut  tulkn nboit fitn I lv fitn he speaks like he disabled

  16. Anyone watching this after he lost to Diaz?

  17. John Doe says:

    3:30 of video- sign of roids with the acne all over the jaw line.

  18. Robert Diehl says:

    The Irish were battle hardened hundreds years ago and this shows that they never lost it…

  19. Josh Davis says:

    awesome but 240p

  20. Gary Mehmet says:

    What an amazing man- the self belief, the confidence and his focus. Very inspiring.. He truly deserves everything he has earned.
    He will bounce back from his defeat. I really hope he tones down the bad, pre fight talk- it takes away from his class and he is a classy guy. Let his fighting do the talking.. I think Mcgregor is awesome and I am definitely his fan. Go on Mcgregor!!!

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