consequences of Nuclear World War 3 | what will happen to us ?


consequences of Nuclear World War 3 ? | What will become of us ?


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  1. Well it's a good thing the US is not full of insane war mongering neo-cons …oh yea thats right they are ,were fucked.

  2. Steve Huff says:

    A nuclear war is our destiny. 

  3. As awful as the repercussions would be there is no way that governments would get rid of their nuclear weapons. No amount of fundraising and educating is going to improve on that situation – we all know they're not good. The issue is one of trust.

  4. Something you need to watch to open your eyes that will help you understand nuclear warfare 

  5. Laughing mug says:

    We would all get fucked if this happens meet me and my doomsday prep group at nj 

  6. Kiciner Jems says:

    Jesus Fucking Christ …

  7. The best thing that would happen is the immediate elimination of humanity. It will also proof that GOD is a total fuck-up and His little experiment with humanity was a total failure. I'm agnostic. Mankind is not made in God's image. I call him prime creator with no power over the multiple races throughout the universes. His only power is to keep the universes in order This involves keeping planets from crashing into one another. Do you really believe God gives a shit about humanity? Thousands of years prove that GOD has no concern for humanity. If you find yourself weak and hanging onto satanic bastards like the Pope, You are wrong and you must find the strength within because you have as much power as prime creator!

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