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  1. planthi80 says:

    Great posting~!

  2. StevenM818 says:


    Thank you. Please share with others.

  3. Good job steve..we have had a very similar case here in the uk .Concerning a young girl called Holly Greig,google her name.
    Very prominent people in politics and law enforcement had been abusing her,we have their names but nothing has been done….
    It makes me sick.
    The whole system is corrupt here in the uk.

  4. Thank you for uploading. I've rated, commented, added to favorites and disseminated. As a suggestion, at the end of Part 4, you might want to add a link to any of several videos featuring the story of a young Scottish woman by the name of Hollie Greig.

  5. gregalabama says:

    what happened to your other video??? about JLL?

  6. StevenM818 says:


    Hey Greg. I just posted a reply about it to your question on your video. It's on private, but I'll send it to you so you can read all the updates in the video description for why it was inaccurate, which is why I put it on private. I didn't want to spread misinfo. And too many people were ignoring my updates and posting comments about how it proved a conspiracy, when it didn't. It was probably a staffer that had access to the account who added classitup10 after the shooting.

  7. gregalabama says:

    @StevenM818 why would they ad their second subscription as him?

  8. StevenM818 says:


    I'm not going to pretend I know exactly why. But my guess is that whoever runs the account heard about the channel after it was made public on the day of the shooting, went to it, and subbed it to bookmark it for research purposes. We do know for a fact that someone other than Congresswoman Giffords has access to that channel, since yesterday someone removed the sub to classitup10 from giffords2 account. Whether it was a staffer, the feds, a family member, a hacker, I do not know.

  9. Louise M-D says:

    "improper relations with little boy"?? try pedorapists and child-rape assaults on smaller weaker victims- the highest power is not the president- thats why he bends down and kisses the pope s ring- dont mess with religious dictators

  10. Louise M-D says:

    noone says child-rape or pedorapist- they say having sex with child-that implies consent -they say pedophiles- that means child lover-believe me these guys always sooner or later use violent sadistic acts to see child hurt and cry-they laugh and think its funny-teachers allowed to abuse kids who then sex abuse and torture beat up up kids for excitement – for hope read iroquois women by w spittal- a true blueprint for saner future generations

  11. Louise M-D says:

    noone says child-rape or pedorapist- they say having sex with child-that implies consent -they say pedophiles(child lover)-thats misnomer- these guys know they dont love kids- sooner or later use violent sadistic acts to see child hurt and cry-they laugh and think its funny-teachers allowed to abuse kids who then sex abuse & torture beat up kids to make them obey w/o crying-to discharge anger&4 excitement -for hope read iroquois women by w spittal- a true blueprint for saner future generations

  12. Louise M-D says:

    mafia is same as religious heads which is same as government- lawyer should have back down-he knew u cant take mafia to court- army wins wars by silent cover tactics- so of course thats the only way to win- dont complain and do what needs to make sure kids are protected- thats our response-ability to protect the weak- thats the CONTRACT bet gov & public- we pay them they do the job-if they break contract then we have to defend ourselves/our child

  13. Louise M-D says:

    @cappucinokid100 it only makes us sick b/c we do nothing to these guys- the rich lawyers invaded the poor youth world clueless of the poors world- or looking for fame/promotion- lawyers forced the poor victims to go to court- and many get murdered- then leave the war-zone-and the victims remain in the danerous war-zone-never got paid to witness-everyone made money except for victims- bonacci got free b/c entered church work -sided with relig abuser power-turn orphanages into mothers collectives

  14. Louise M-D says:

    @cappucinokid100 -the rich lawyer goes into the poor youth world- knowing nothing about how it works-tell the kids they have to go court- then when their family/they get killed they leave the poor victims in their world poorer and more screwed than ever-everybody made money from this case- except the victims who suffered the torture-we feel bad about this ONLY b/c we did not act to stop the child-rapists who are still making millions raping kids and selling drugs to kids etc- kids see us cowards

  15. djjimi says:

    Thanks for providing the link to download. I'm thinking of putting together a version with subtitles. Some of the testimony videos are really hard to understand.

  16. f00kbush says:


    rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry hard to understand

  17. mem akman says:

    the american governments sick land of the free indeed if your worth over 10mil

  18. Troy Boner is a coward and a piece of shit.

  19. if I sent you videos of a documentary by the BBC that was supposed to air in 1996 that was suddenly ordered censored and did not air and subsequent ex FBI and journalist and lawyers and retired police investigators about pedophilia in by wealthy and politically powerful men and gave you names of the perps like the then VP George H Bush and then and current California governor Jerry Brown you would not believe it. Snuff films of abutted boys in cages. Remember Hunter Thompson the wild drugged "hip" writer for the Rolling Stone magazine and a few absurd books? He committed suicide on his "ranch" in Nevada where these boys heads were blown off while naked and locked in cages and filmed. The boys were "bought" from Boys Town, Nebraska—and used for sex slaves in Washington, DC. I heard Hal Lindsey give a talk about this in a church in Torrance, Ca. in 2008. I look at these zombie looking politicians on CSPAN and they look full of sin. This is what Rome did with children--but they did not kill the child…the child grows up to be big fat hairy men—and if they come forward the FBI threatens them…..Hard to swallow—but it is true.. abutted kids on milk cartons–how many of them were used for pedophiles and snuff films….ghastly and worst sin you can think of — but sadly true—-and we hold these men up in Congress and pay for their debauchery. I always wondered why Barney Frank was never impeached let alone indicted for statutory rape with Congressional pages that were teenagers? He had names of too many powerful people. So they let him carry on. His "room mate:" in his Washington DC townhouse was running a "call boy" service out of Barney Frank's town home. Ghastly. But we cannot sit and wait for God to take justice when there are nearly 2 million homeless kids on their own on the streets because of abuse, or their parents on drugs or one reason or another……these are prey to the pedophile "johns" and these kids boys and girls get by with 20 bucks a trick enough for a burger and fries and drugs to get the through the night—this is USA fellow citizens  and I don't hear Obama or any politician talking about it because so many of congress and wealthy backers and lobbyists use these kids for sex objects!!

  20. truthbknwn says:

    So, what happened when the complete evidence was presented in the re-scheduled re-trial of Alisha Owen, or was the case dropped when Troy refused to show?

    That being said, WHERE WERE THE PARENTS when these children were being flown across the country unshaparoned? THEY are the ones who need to take action to protect their young when the government FAILS.

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