Cool Tomahawk Kill



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  1. WOah that video was BLooDy amazing !!!

  2. durgasoft1 says:

    Love this video, I thumbed it up!

  3. oneevagex says:


  4. NoCookiez4U says:

    @congloi05 What music :S

  5. welcome to the Team !

  6. oneevagex says:

    Im checking out all your videos!

  7. NoCookiez4U says:

    @oneevagex Thanks 🙂

  8. Dangerelated says:

    Coming back from the FIRING RANGE I passed a town and this chick told me it was a NUKETOWN she suffered from RADIATION and contracted WMD? I went back to her VILLA the power was out, it was something to do with the GRID it was a CRISIS. We went to her room, she told me her name was HANOI then got undressed. I was in ARRAY of how much like a JUNGLE it was down there. After a few hours my pelvis CRACKED when I tried to LAUNCH my stuff and she reached her SUMMIT and screamed HAVANA!

  9. That was a gay kill.

  10. NoCookiez4U says:

    @Unclekantus66 It was my first one, I've had loads 10x better than this one. Relax.

  11. cool kill man 🙂 it's like my tomahawk kill if you'd like you can see mine

  12. Ive seen better but good kill

  13. Kody Allen says:

    Thats 18 seconds of my life ill never get back 🙁

  14. NoCookiez4U says:

    Lmfao you're the one that wasted his time to go onto my video and contribute a view, and rep your channel on my video, so I suggest you sit your ratchet ass down.

  15. GenetikGamer says:

    That was terrible.

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