Cop Accused of Beating Unarmed Teen Says “I Was Afraid”

Officer who attacked 15-year-old Chad Holley cries in court

Do you remember the Chad Holley case in Houston?

You know, the one where the 15-year-old kid was out skipping school with friends and decided it was a good idea to break into a house? Same one where police saw the kids and chased them down. Same one where Holley was hit by a police car, pinned against a fence and then beat down by a handful of officers?

If you don’t remember, here is some video capturing the entire incident:


Well, one of the officers, Andrew Blomberg, is on trial for official oppression for his role in the beating. Prosecutors called one of the other officers in the video, whose name is not being released because he is undercover, to the stand and he broke into tears on Monday saying that he was fearful for his life during the beatdown.

“I was afraid,” the officer testified, wiping tears from his face. “I was afraid he had a gun and one of us might get hurt.”

Hurt with what, we’re not quite sure. In the video it appears that Holley hit the ground and stayed there as he got kicked, punched and pummeled.

“I was thinking about my kids,” he sobbed. “I was worried about getting hurt.”

If this is what he does to people when thinking about his kids, we would hate to see what happens to them when they don’t clean their rooms.

The cops’ lawyers contend that their clients were fearful for their lives after they spotted Holley and other teens running from them. No, you read that right.

Four of the officers in the video have been fired and indicted and 3 of them are awaiting trial. The undercover who started crying in court will not face any charges, but was suspended.


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  1. dave says:

    Americans once and still call cops PIGS I don’t know if the word depicts the behaviour or if it is an acronym for cops . however I suspect that it is behaviour that is the reason . and have we seen some horrific bad behaviour by American police . I find myself heartened that the 4 thugs that beat the boy have been fired and will end up in court . But , in my heart I know that they will soon be back in uniform somewhere else . The TSA beckons for this type of thug and of course the US Army . and the US wonders why the world hates them !!!

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